After Kyoto

Looks like I haven't posted in a while. I have been scratching and clawing trying to get work and then doing some work.

this is from my parents camera. my boxes from china finally arrived, in very not good shape mind you. Looks like they either rifled through all the stuff again and probably kept some things or it just looks like that because it rolled down the himalayas.

and somehow that fragile fragile birdcage made it fine.

this is the little park near my house where i practice kung fu.

elementary school girls uniforms. the guys have to wear the same only the wear shorts not skirts. same hat. poor guys.

Hiroshi has been growing and growing. what a guy

my roomate bought these cool rice bowls from Kyoto the other week. im a fan of blue

this is not uncommon, especially purple. i have seen at least 5 elderly japanese women with purple hair since i've been here. this one really hammered it home with the purple tinted glasses and the falling asleep though.

X Madonna on the shibuya 109 building. i dont even want to find out what it is. that part of Japan i am fine with not knowing about. oh and im sure it has something to do with fashion, probably gyalusu fashion

one of those helpful city maps that are usually on corners, only this one is behind a fence in a grassy lot.

Vivi and her new ring that is a miniature version of Vivi

these days i have been searching for good running routes from my house and i found that running to tokyo tower is about 30 min and about 6 or 7 km. its pretty crazy running around the little side streets and then having the orange tower smack you in the face every now and then as you get closer and closer to it. its cool finding cool stuff on these runs.

oh look who it is. that lil' fella Akari Kunimatsu. she just got a job and moved to tokyo

Happy Price "something nice is about to happen"

my girl for a 45 min cafe moment in time

my apt, the kitchen. my roomates had a nabe (japanese soup/stew) party

turn around and there is the table

its nabe time

my room on the left. Naoki's room on the right, Aka's room further right not in the picture.