Gone is the Paris Summer New York is Here

Back in America, back in New York, it's september.  Back to reality and gettin' ish done.
the death of my Canon 5D mark II.  When I got back to New York I sent it to Canon and they sent it back saying there was water damage and it was not repairable/more expensive to repair than buying a new unit.  It's a $2,500 full frame dslr camera that stood by my side for 3+ years in my numerous travels.  You will be missed.  The lenses are investments and all fit other Canon dslr cameras.  
At Ivan's wedding shindig in DC.  Yoon is going to Georgia (the country) so I had to see him one last time before he ships off.

I love these leaves that the girl upstairs planted in the garden.
the icecream at Ample Hills in Gowanus is pretty darn good although I still think the salted carmel butter at Bertillon in Paris is better.  I might be biased.  Ample Hills is quoted from a Walt Whitman poem.  Everyone in brooklyn in quoting him these days.
A Parisian style outdoor cafe scene is possible in our neighborhood.  Of course the only thing making it Parisian is that it's an outdoor cafe.  Tons of traffic, construction, and inferior pastries are not meant to be part of it.  If you can come to grips with the fact that you don't live in Paris anymore then Ted and Honey on clinton street next to cobble hill park is a pretty sweet place.
found a table on the street in Brooklyn Heights.  got a drink at Henry Public so like the bike and everything all together.
said table.
possible water damage but upon sanding it a little it appears to be not a problem.
PIMMS cups for a final assault at a summer croquet day in Brooklyn bridge park.  PIMMS is an English liquor
first 9/11 in new york in 6 years.

although broke from a summer in Paris I determined that I would need a new camera and that I would never be able to settle for less so I scraped some money together to get the Canon 6D, less of an upgrade than a latteral-grade.  It is basically the same camera as my old 5D mark II only, lighter, smaller, and with slightly improved everything.  It's a $2000 camera but I was able to get a refurbished one from Canon for $1500.  I was able to sell my broken 5D mk II for $740, get my $380 Canon repair fee back, and get $150 off the 6D for sending a cheap Canon point and shoot camera I bought from someone on craigslist for $30 as part of the Canon Loyalty program.  So I effectively had to spend only $400 out of pocket for my new friend the Canon 6D.  A comprehensive camera dork post is coming soon.
Jen needed to get a picture of these cocktails at Bemelmans for work.  They were $21 each.  It gets worse, like their Manhattan is $36 and I saw a $45 cocktail.  Woody Allen plays clarinet here with a little band once a week.  The other nights are filled with other celebrity actors who like jazz like Jeff Goldblum and Molly Ringwald.

the artwork on the walls is by Ludwig Bemelmans, the author and illustrator of Madeline, the children's book.

you won't see me hanging out here again soon, besides the ridiculous cost, the crowd is just old new york.  But it is nice seeing illustration getting props in old new york.  Also I was listening to Aretha Franklin's "Respect" in the song and she says "give me my propers when I get home".  Is that where gettin' and givin' props comes from?  Propers?  I'm gonna have to use that sometime.

our local postoffice is down below the Gowanas expressway.  Yea I know, i'm as thrilled as you are.

the front of our building we have the whole 2nd floor from front to back of this brownstone (the left 3 windows)

I made handmade and handcut egg noodles.

then combined them with the stock that was left over from simmering pork belly in leeks and ginger all day long.  It was delicious and I'm giving myself a little pat on the back now.  Making these kind of noodles wasn't hard at all.  Hand pulled noodles is another story but I'll try them someday. 
Caputo's is an Italian grocer and deli is around the corner from us which I love because you know how much Jason likes his fine cheeses.  They make some mean fresh mozzarella every couple of hours too.

are stroop waffles (my favorite thing I ate in Holland) becoming a thing in America now?  First trader joe's sells them and now I find this at a deli?!!!!!  Yes please!

sketching out new type possibilities for that Paris poster I made since I wasn't totally happy with the original type I did.
more taking photos of cocktails at the Experimental Cocktail Club, which originated in Paris.  They make some pretty good stuff.