Train, Bear -Face

A trip upstate to scoop up Bob and bring him back to NYC and see the parents

We walked over to the train tracks and river looking for an adventure.
we brought along Bob's soccer ball and I was delighted to no end when it was kicked (not even by me) into the river

Here is Bob flubbering around trying to retrieve the ball

here he almost has it within reach but I'm throwing rocks at it to counter act his attempts.

Bob is like Jason what the H are you doing I can't get the balllllll

I undermined Bob's rescue and the ball continued down the river and am visibly pleased with myself

I said stop being p$#sies you guys, we came here for an adventure and we are going to try to get to that island.  They gave up after 2 seconds and I gave up after 10 minutes.  So we walked back to the tracks to go home and smelled this horrible smell getting closer.

We discovered an animal carcass.  It was a bear!  

missing all of its extremities including its head

bear jaw

plus bear snout = bear face punched off by a passing freight train.  What happened to this bear?  how could a megaton freight train slice it's face off?  The disturbing image and juxtaposition of organic mortal bear and inorganic metal man-made train leaves me feeling weird.  we walked 20 more feet and saw bear scalp.  we walked 20 more feet and saw bear paw.

penny candy could'nt stay a penny forever

we went antiquing/furniture shopping in various places around western new york

Turks is one of them.  There were a few cool things but nothing that we even wanted to enough to ask about. 

Newfoundland's are naturally good swimmers and were used as rescue dogs on ships.

croquet on part of our vast yard

we were looking up the ridiculously complicated way to properly set up croquet

Finally put my Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire Croquet game use and everyone picked their house of of the sorting hat and put it into the burning coffee mug of fire

more fruitless antiquing in Hammondsport so we got icecream meh.  They had a lot of cool stuff but it was expensive.

Finger Lakes winery tastings and stuff around Keuka Lake