Pencil Factory

as a former prankster and basic all around a$$hole I secretly applaud the collective people in this world that make it necessary for IKEA to glue on this protective toilet bowl cover so no one takes a poo in it.  I applaud you

the photo reference for the below illustration.  I should post more embarrassing photo references of myself.
cover for Washington Post Capital Business about startups that operate out of two locations

somewhere in Carroll Gardens  
outside the 8by 8 magazine issue launch with Wesley Allsbrook and Jonathan Bartlett

8 by 8 is a soccer mag made by Priest + Grace and it looks awesome.  The thing is chalk full of illustration and great design.

5 years of worldly treasures stored at my parents house. This is one of my favs. Tanuki ramen bowl from tanuki town in shigaraki, Japan. A whole town where they make various tanuki stuff. They sell these at a ramen restaurant inside a giant tanuki with balls the size of my small friend Fumika. tanuki balls are magical FYI
a visit to the pencil factory, a famed building housing many of the best illustrators in NYC.

Kyle Stecker frumping around in his sketchbook

Wesley's desk

a bunch of drawings from one of Wesley's comics
a Wesley Allsbrook drawing.  They are insane

That water tower that you see from Jonathan Bartlett's studio over yonder on west street.

These shelves were the source of many fights, for like a week.  One of the many problems is that the apartment it super crooked so that means deciding if the shelves should be installed level, laser level level or crooked to match the apartment.  After fights we ended up putting them up crooked to match.

and it worked out