Bob came to NY to help us move.  Jen was in Paris at the French Open all week with one of the brands leaving me and Bob to do everything.  It was not an awesome week.  At least I got to do it with my brother Bob though.  I'm sure the sentiment it not shared.
Moving day.  First step, get mattress from Mel's house into van before moving other stuff.  Back blew out on the way over.  Mattress moved but now look at me.  First time in life i've literally had to lay down.  This was only like 11am in a day of moving that would go on till 9pm.  Soak it all in viewers.  Soak it all in.

Logic board replaced and then I upgraded my OS to Mavericks and upgraded my RAM from 4 to 8GB.  I am so cool guys
great graphic novel read.  Pyongyang by Guy Delisle.  Makes me want to do one about my 5 years abroad but it wouldn't be as interesting as North Korea.

these are the only photos of moving day because it was insane and we had our hands full the whole time from 9am-9pm.  Getting a van from some Jewish rental place on Mcdonald Ave and like Avenue I, finding parking and parking a rental van in Chinatown, packing up tons of stuff that wasn't packed, waiting for the Timewarner cable guy for 2 days and him never showing up, blowing my back out, picking up a mattress from Mel's house and a couch from the Olsen's house.  I can't tell you how aggravating Timewarner cable is.  they know you are at their mercy for internet so you just have to play their game, even when they don't show up for game time.  All of this made this moving day just as awesome as any other moving day.  A special thanks to Steven for soldering through the whole day.  Bob too but he owed/owes me
we returned the van the next morning.  It was done.  Without incident!  But the party isn't over yet Bob!  Now we get to go clean the old apartment!  Is your entire body blown out because you're old now on top of not doing any physical exercise for ages?  Oh happy happy happy happy days

Next day, we had to come back and clean Jen's apartment so she could get her deposit back.  We had to buy a mini hack saw, screw drivers, spackle, and attempted to wash this wall with soot on it which we later read was the worst thing you can do for soot on a wall.  Once you get it wet it just spreads it around more and more.  It looked awesome.  There was a layer of Chinatown soot on all the walls so we had no choice but to give up on it.  Amazingly she got her deposit back.

Carroll Park in the new hood:  Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.  They have this market sometimes.
Some much needed and much deserved super discreet drinking at Brooklyn Bridge park after everything was done.  I love brooklyn bridge park and it's a 12 minutes bike ride away now.

lower manhattan

Brooklyn bridge again

Cobble Hill Park, a cool park that reminds me of London or something

Bob gets his lobster roll.  He has a happy for a fleeting moment

no debris can stand up to the power of the dust buster brought to you by bob
saw the grand daddy 1940s Vornado version of my fan at one of the expensive antique places on Atlantic Ave.  Who knows how much this would cost here if I got my small one for $110 at an estate sale