Kentucky Wedding

Kentucky meets London.  And they like each other.  A lot.  They got married
a Kentucky "Hot Brown" before the wedding

i'll leave the wedding photography to the pros.  Congrats Ellen and Luke
skull tie pin by Hirotaka, Japanese jewlery designer repped by Rio PR (Mel)

super thoughtful of them to arrange this midway drinks and party mansion thing after the ceremony for the peeps not involved in the wedding while all the brides maids and dudes were all taking photos at the church so we all didn't wait for an hour plus outside the church twiddlin' our thumbs.

the Brits bring it with the hats.

No Mondale Manor wasn't the reception, just one stop on the post wedding party circuit.

their band was awesome and the lead singer to the far right was in the Drifters.

Ellen's fam is Greek so there were Greek circle dances going on

the next day a BBQ at the twins house.  Introduction to "Corn Hole"  a game where you try to throw little bags full of corn into the hole on a platform.  It's a great game and soon there were bets being made based on each player's family lineage

I liked to add my own thing to the game and shout "CORNHOLE"! and clap my hands once everytime I cornholed, which not to toot my own horn or anything was A LOT.  I won our championship game

After the BBQ of course it couldn't be over.  More drinks back in Lexington.  Lukes dad was a party animal.  All the Brits were.  

Of course it couldn't be over on the last night.  More drinks at the hotel bar.  Lukes aunt's gettin' cray.  The next day all the Brit's flew with us back to New York but we were delayed so long that they missed their connecting flight back to London then the next day their flight was cancelled so they missed a few days of work and I'm sure it was stressful and super awesome for them.

One more Hot Brown at Stella's

When in Kentucky, get right in there and smell the flowers, don't be shy fella.  Thanks for your southern hospitality Kentucky!