iphone Forgottens

Forgotten photos from my iphone
someone I know had a stockpile of Estrella Damm INEDIT beer, limited volume stuff from Spain.

more cheese board this time with La Chouffe beer from Belgium, an awesome sausage from somewhere and pretzel bread.

The Scrabble mother load scored on Jen.  "Blitzing" ended up being 90 points double letter score on Z and triple word score.  Despite this crushing blow I still lost!!!!

I think these were to show the rooftop of the Williamsburg apt I stayed at for 5 months with Tae and Kat.  It would have been pretty sweet this summertime, but I'll take Paris, I could do worse.

I finally got new running shoes after like 2 more years since the last time I said you're supposed to get new shoes every 6 months, 2 years ago.

I hope this girl is ultra brilliant and self aware and that's why she is wearing this Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt because she is the human embodiment of Eeyore.  huge floppy sleeves, who cares hair, huge headphones, a backpack hanging down to her bum, a droopy face, and to top it all off droopy eyelids with blue eyes and an overal Eeyore body language.  If she is riffing on that about herself then I applaud her.  If not then it's just an amusing coincidence for me.

Moving day.  First step, get mattress from Mel's house into van before moving other stuff.  Back blew out on the way over.  Mattress moved but now look at me.  This was only like 11am in a day of moving that would go on till 9pm.  Soak it all in viewers.  Soak it all in.

if i was going to be more accurate for my Motown themed birthday party I would have worn this shirt.

got some of these printed at the FIT print shop

clear gesso that I will hopefully use someday when I start painting like I've been saying I've wanted to do for years now.

went to inflate back tire, ripped whole inflator knob off.  got new tube installed.  30 seconds after getting on to williamsburg bridge something misaligns and my tire can't spin.  had to carry my bike/wheel it on one wheel all the way over the bridge and home.  awesome sauce.  sweat city.

this guy served me will for 12+ years and has had every handle and strap broken and mended on it and broken again so it's time to bid him farewell and reinstitute another $20 suitcase I bought in Beijing that will last me 0.5 years.  Goodbye old friend you've served me well.  Kind of.