95% of the world's burbon is made in Kentucky.  Burbon doesn't have to be made in Kentucky to be called burbon but most of it is made here

we went to the Alltech distillery since it was within walking distance to the hotel.  Alltech makes Town Branch burbon and Kentucky Ale beer


Say in sexy deep female voice:  Hot liquor tank

they make so much burbon they have to buy these white oak barrels from other burbon makers such as four roses as you see here

barley on the left, hops on the right.  that plus yeast and water and you have beer 

I looked online really quickly and wikipedia says Cargill is now the largest privately owned company in the the USA.

fermentation process.  it's giving off C02 and bubbling.  When your face in there it smells, but then if you go 2 inches closer it knocks you out, like smelling salts.  Everyone had the same reaction after getting close enough to have this virtual wasabi in your nasal passages experience.  I don't think anyone in the world could not laugh at seeing people rear up from the vat like they'd seen a ghost.

their comlete Kentucky ale line.  Only been there a night but already tried them all before coming here

lots of beautiful flower action was going on in Kentucky at the time.  The dogwoods were in full bloom.

Jane Austin's Korean cousin at the rehearsal dinner

the woman managing the property was saying how there are spirits here and the lights flicker sometimes and she would enter the house and say "we're not here to harm you, we just want to work".