Thanksgiving à Paris

My first real thanksgiving in 5 years because all the other years i was in Asia or somewhere where thanksgiving doesnt exist and always had to eat bootleg KFC thanksgiving or something.

First one was at Lori's apartment.  Apartments in Paris are very small as you can see

at the Ray house in Paris they've only had thanksgiving once ever.  The kids don't even have one memory of thanksgiving in their lives (they've been living in Paris for 12 years).  So i took it upon myself to change that.  I had to buy most of the stuff at this store called "Thanksgiving" in the Marais and it was so expensive.  this turkey was 67 euros ($88).  yes 88 dollars!!!!!!  Its my first time cooking a turkey, let alone a fresh unfrozen one like this one.  It came out great.  I had a lot of help


the green bean casserole was the star.  the sweet yams were great.  cranberry sauce with real cranberries, slow cooked super fatty creme fraise and garlic mashed potatoes, stovetop stuffing, etc.... it was a success and went a little too well thanks to all the help.  i'm sure the universe will correct this at some inopportune point in the future.

cooking for 12 people and being responsible for the representation of an american tradition is tiring.

yes that is an AKB48 picture book down there at this brochant by the seine.  AKB48 has been featured on this blog before cuz it's a pop group from japan made up of 1 girl from all 48 of japans prefectures and the girls range from underage to barely legal.

what are these on the neighbors house?

what has to happen in your childhood to make you do this on sunday afternoons down by the seine with a few other fellow french rollerskating/rollerblading mime dancer guys and gals.

sundays in the Marais are pretty cool cuz there are musicians out playing everywhere.

these kids may or may not have wanted their picture taken at this cafe we were at.  When their parents weren't looking i kept motioning to them with my head to go over to the right so i can take their photo and they kept running around and hiding.  after we left and i was walking down the street one of them yelled "au revoir monsieur" in the kind of voice kids have when they are sad to see someone go.    

place de vosges

Robert et Louise in the Marais is good stuff.  they specialize in beef

we ate downstairs where its quieter.  when we came upstairs it was super lively and everyone was singing to this old George Brassens song called "les amoureux des bancs publics", like everyone was singing to it.  its funny because the song is about how the public benches are for lovers and smooching.  oh the french, how fitting that this was the song that united everyone in the place into song.  I knew of this song because i have been poking around Spotify for french music and hate all the new stuff cuz it just sounds like american pop techno rap sh!t and end up listening to the old stuff which is cool.

this one is from my iphone from our trip to bordeaux on the train.  look guys its very simple, in case of emergency just follow this 7 step process to get the window out.  RUN to the box and get the hammer thing out then just smash away for 20 minutes on the 4 layers of glass until you have a nice jagged sharp hole to climb out of.  Just keep smashing the glass guy.  Then it looks like they forgot the part where they made the jagged edges a little smoother so you might have a chance of not severing something important.  easy peasy.