Bienvenue à Paris! - Part 3

more first days in Paris

Croque Monsieur

another universe at Carrefour

baconsmaak?  is that german or something?

pistachios to throw at that fromage frais, mousse de foie which is awesome, some more french lentils and sausage things in a can, a baguette of course, tried some tomatoes origin: france but they aren't anywhere as good as the ones in spain.

this leads up to rue moufftard, a way cool street.

at Le Contrescarpe on Rue Mouffetard

same place into the night.  this etoile (roundabout) is cool cuz there are all these cafes around it.

inside Le contrescarpe in the back is this dining area, looks cool

down the street from where hemmingway lived

couldn't decide which i liked better

The cafe that Amelie Poulain worked at in film "Amelie" aka "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain". If you haven't seen this movie then you must. it was filled with 65% tourists and 35% locals. the cigarette counter is gone and its just more seating. the lighting and props are different because they haven't been color graded and stylized for a major motion picture, it's just a regular day. this place is called Café des 2 Moulins. More Amelie locations to come!

i made the trek up to the 18th arrondissement to go to velo vintage, they had some cool vintage bikes, reasonable prices.  there was a peugot single speed that i was thinking about buying, but it was 350 euros and i wasn't totally in love with it.  i ended up getting a bike i do love on which i'll show in later posts. 

the other side of that etoile on rue mouffetard

red light?