DC to DE

DC to DE, district of columbia to delaware

Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches from Sau Voi in NYC chinatown for the road on the way to DC

we got to DC at like 10 at night so it was straight to U street for friday night fun.  we ended the night at Ben's Chili Bowl.  Obama ate here

kayaking in the potomac 

the rooftop of Yoon's place on M street and 20 something

in Virginia playing croquet with much of the family including my parents, Beijing aunt and uncle, Paris Aunt, uncle and cousins, yoon, and zhu ru

then it was on to Cranium

on the drive back to NYC we made a detour through Philadelphia for cheese steak.  we ended up at Tony Luke's.  not really impressed

on a bus stop in bed stuy.  

at the society of illustrators happy hour on 63rd and Lex.  Jonathan Bartlett and Jonny Dombrowski

Barry Bruner and Skip Sterling

Chinatown pixel ginseng on purpose?  or a horrible quality stolen jpeg that's like 12 dpi used for their sign?

fat cat in nyc

band was rehearsing cuz it was like 5 in the afternoon

we used to go to this beach house every summer in bethany beach, Delaware.  its a nice quiet clean family beach town, not like ocean city maryland or even rehoboth beach.  now that im back here as an old person i can appreciate it more.

the number of babes you will see on this beach is very very very low, and if you do happen to see one the chances of her being underage are very very very high.  chances of seeing tons of kids and overweight parents and blinding white skin and sunburns is 100%

what are we doing?

flying that 40 meter kite i bought in beijing.  it's magical.  as soon as you take it out of the bag it starts dancing and flying away out of your hands.  so it got all f'ing tangled up but we got it undone finally and got it up in the sky!  it really takes no skill whatsover.  literally it just flys out of your hand on its own.  just make sure you let the ones at the end go slowly bit by bit.

i don't look as attractive or cool doing it do i.

horse shoe crab washed up onto shore.

smelled horrible cuz its been dead for who knows how long.  these things are huge and hard.  you could make helmets out of them if they didnt smell so bad.

mini golf, a Delaware beach tradition.  mini golf is literally everywhere.  no that i'm an old person i have the patience to putt decently.  again please not too many comments about how cool and mature i am now.  Well that's it for america, next time i see you on this blog i'll be in Paris!!!!  Way to go out with a bang by cramming as much stuff into the north eastern part of the USA.  see you soon Paris.