Valencia is a beautiful little Mediterranean city in Spain with a population of about 1 million people, making it the 3rd largest city in Spain. it's about 3 hours away from Barcelona on the fast train

you go along the Mediterranean sea on the train!

the slower train i rode on to Valencia.

Columbus market

this is the super talented Raquel Aparicio. I stayed at her house for 2 days. I know her from Illostop, an illustration collective that we are both part of. This is the first time meeting her in person though. I love her work and you should check it out.

love the floor of her apartment.

her hobby is restoring furniture so there were a couple pieces of cool stuff she was working on like this old record player unit.

the Valencian version of coca.

Aitor isn't in any of these photos but he is from Valencia and i hung out with him both days because Raquel had a deadline. He took me here to eat tapas. He says he comes here with his mom. I recommend this place. La Pilareta.

Russian salad, mussels, and picos

I am in love. this is a pepito. this word seems to mean many different things but in Valencia this is what this thing is called. It's bread stuffed with meat, roasted red peppers, hard boiled eggs, tuna, and other stuff. then cooked in the oven or something. it's awesome!

trees somewhere in that old river bed they turned into a huge park.

Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències. the city of arts and sciences is a complex with cool architecture designed by the guy who is designing one of the new world trade center buildings.

i saw a postcard of this place and there was an old car parked in front of it like it was cuba or something.

bocadillo blanco y negro. a black and white bocadillo because it has blood pudding/sausage (morcilla), and sausage (longaniza), and some kind of beans on it too. delish. it's either from Valencia or almost.

horchata is from Valencia and is an sweet icy drink like thing that you eat with a spoon or dip with those sweet pastries. it's made out of tiger nuts (chufa). it is delish

Aitor took me to this horchata place because its in an area where tourists never go. Looks like its called La Suprema. You gotta try horchata if you go to Valencia.

ok train-o-philes. here is a fast train

and there is the bullet train i guess.


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