Oh, That's Well nice, yea?

"well nice" is a british-ism. like, "that smells well nice".

Borough Market is fully approved and recommended by me. it's awesome. its on thurs, fri, and saturdays. I've been twice now. Pies in britanica mean more than just desert, they are stuffed with all kinds of meals fillin's. i tried the wild game pie filled with, venison, pheasant, rabbit, and pigeon. it was good and fatty. If you've lived outside of the US for a while one of these is a meal. they're like the size of a softball but super compacted with stuff.

add your own jokes

desert wine marinated Gorgonzola. i was in heaven. I loves gorgonzola and the desert wine gave it an extra zing. This one cheese maker there only makes a small wheel of this every week and we got a hunk of the last part and at it all.

this beer stall has everything. even a kind of sapporo i never had.

wild boar (like a real wild boar not that american processed deli meat company) sausage panini with gravy.

grassy area next to borough market. british hipsters look like american hipsters no?

The Gherkin. that's what people call it. it has a real name and its not after a pickle but who knows what it is. its london's modern landmark.

in britania they say joe bloggs instead of john doe.

the Thames river with tower bridge in the back.

millennium bridge is the bridge the death eaters blow up at the beginning of the half-blood prince harry potter movie. it leads to the tate modern.

Death Eaters running about the aspens at the tate modern.

building sand castles on the vast and beautiful beaches along the Thames river

Battersea park south of kensington. we had a few tennis balls but nothing to do with them so i set out to find a stick for some stick ball. all i could come up with is this huge branch that blew off in the storm. So we played huge Un-weildly branchball. baseball is not popular in Britain so people don't know the rules and common baseball terms used in english like "that's strike 3 for you Mr." go over their heads.

Ed liked scoring "stick goals"

Cricket match. i guess they go from the morning till dusk, like 10 hrs or something.

Watch a cricket pitch or whatever you call it when they throw the ball, the field is called the "pitch".

i had to break the huge branches into manageable pieces so we all got scratched up swinging them around.

our Branch Ball league rookie cards

A trumpeter vine for my mother.

My first real mainland chinese food since i lived in China. There are a bunch of people from beijing that live in london now that angel knows. Included is my pal Sophie Wenlin Pan W Wendle who is actually from NY but lived in Beijing when i did and I met her there.

Your parting shot for today is a dead fox on the sidewalk near Johnny's flat in South Kensington. I turned the corner and was freaked out, and then wondered if someone was playing a trick on me, throwing this stereotypical British thing out where i would run into it. In the morning it was gone. Insert BBC wildlife narrator David Attenborough's voice here about how this is the unfortunate consequence of cities encroaching on nature and then stay on this shot for a few seconds and then fade to black, and commercial.


Anonymous said...

but no commercials on the bbc.
great work on the cards