Kim Jung Eun

My old pal from when I studied in Korea in 2001 came for a visit in Barcelona. She was in the snowboard club and jazz club back then and i've seen her here and there over the last 10 years.

Aitor and Jung Eun

I was missing Crif Dogs (from NYC) and their bacon wrapped goodness so i tried to make my own bacron wrapped avacado, cream cheese, and chives dogs and its just not the same because i think they deep fat fry them.

one of these went off right next to me on the walk home after that huge beach party and i had like 50% hearing out of my left ear for like 3 weeks and i still have i high level of ringing in it. me hopes it goes away.....

postcards from the picasso museum. you might think the bottom one is sheit and looks like a child drew it but it is brilliant picasso.

the Barcelona gay pride parade.

This is not gay, it is a Catalan tradition where they build a human castle out of people. They are called Castellers.

this shot is basically done. all that girl does is stand up and put her hand in the air and then they start disassembling.

See how poor and Paula are wearing helmets? it's because the top level castellers are always little kids and there were a couple times where they fell from the top and died so now they all wear helmets.

at the end the whole parade ended at plaza espanya where there was a huge stage. the performers were the worst and most untalented ever and the music was the WORST ever and it was tolerated by thousands because they were all LGBT and/or they were waiting for Alaska to perform (famous singer in spain). Seriously the music was the worst. it was some super untalented black dude from america first and then some transvestite from Israel next all backed by horrible music. after that i just go outta there as fast as i could.

My friend Yuko that I met in Barcelona is from Tokyo and married a Catalan guy and they have two daughters that are interested in art so I went to their house a couple times and "taught" a kind of class on illustration and art. It feels so good to teach and you learn things about yourself and your trade and also things from the kids.

Antoni Taipes gallery. his work is super avant garde and not accessible to the average or even above average person. We saw Flavia and her boyfriend, both from mexico there randomly and he said the work is maybe not so avant gaurde but more pretentious. this is also a good description. Taipes was Catalan and another darling of Barcelona. I don't recommend this unless you like this kind of art or have absolutely nothing else to do because you've lived here for 3 months already.

at the picasso museum there are mostly early picasso's. going from his school days thru the blue period and then including a few abstract expressionist and cubist works. and a whole huge gallery dedicated to Las Meninas, his spoof/interpretation of the Velasquez painting of the princess Margarita housing 58 paintings on the subject.

picasso print

one of his wives and kids

same wife, i love this and how he drew the nose

picasso again don't know who this is.

Los Caracoles is a famous paella place next to Plaza reial.

caracoles means snail so their bread is shaped like a snail.

some people like black paella made with squid and squid's ink but i don't. If you want to be safe go for the regular one. I've tried black twice and am not a fan.

this kitchen you walk through was super hot.

plaza reial.

didn't i tell you spain is all about terraces? even mcdonalds has a terrace on la rambla.

shot from the top of Las Arenas overlooking plaza espanya and montjuic.

Messi is the best soccer player in the world and he plays for FC Barcelona so there are thousands of kids and adults wearing his jersey on any given day.

the buzzer in my building. I can't even remember which one i live on, quarto 2a i think. which is the 4th floor but actually the 6th floor.

the fish sculpture by frank ghery at barcelonetta

aitor from valencia. We went out drinking all night around the streets of barcelona which was a bad idea because i was flying to london for angel's wedding the next day. I would see him again in Valencia before i left spain.