Guangxi Trip - Day 2 - Li River

One the the things i secretly like about all these trips i go on is i get to watch a little TV before i go to sleep.  I gave up TV when i went to college so its been 10 years since i had a TV or watched it regularly.  i didn't want to waste my life so i gave it up, that and video games.  That means sometimes at a bar you will see me locked in a deathmatch with a baseball game or something simply because i can't take my eyes off the pretty moving picture.  Too bad Chinese TV sucks real bad.  There are about 5 catergories of entertainment on Chinese TV and probably a lot of that is thanks to restrictions from the gov.  

either military/army related and/or old time commie related shows are aplenty

infomercials for the normal stuff like phones but then also for rediculous stuff like spray that you spray on your melons to make them instantly bigger in 30 min, up to huge if you use it for 3 months!  i don't know how people believe this stuff.  i guess this catergory is the same in the US.

comedy shows that happen on a live stage, not a live set.  these are popular and my american brain does not know why.

it wouldn't be an asian country without lots of dramas

there was this funny little vintage propaganda cartoon though.

this is what they call an english breakfast, that is cheesy toast i guess.

the bus system out here is a little different.  there are no magnetic swipe cards, there is no front and back door.  there aren't even a lot of seats cuz they're so small.  there are little plastic stools that they pull out when the seats get filled though so you end up sitting in the middle of the floor.  On the bus i ended up sitting next to 3 malaysian friends and their tour guide.  they invited me to join them so i did.

finally made it to the Li River.  there was some drama going on at the dock as we were about to shove off and i still don't really know what was going on.  All 5 of us including the guide were on the boat ready to leave.  Here were the elements i knew of:

1.  some lady that apparently got off the bus said that she came with me from Yangshuo to the river and wanted money or something.  she was yelling at the tour guide

2.  20 rmb was something i heard in the air at some point so i had 20 rmb in my hand ready to just get this thing over with
3.  there was talk that 5 people on a boat was too much and another boat would have to go along also
4.  they said if the police see you on the river like that they will do something or other.
5.  some super old lady that looked like a skeleton that we had shaken off back up the hill was still trying to sell us nuts by standing on a neighboring boat adding to the yelling going on.  it was the cap on the comedy element.

I kept saying if its money she wants here it is lets go, it took a while before i was finally able to give her 20 rmb and we departed, 5 people on the raft.

here are the two girls whose names i forgot, sorry gals if you are reading this but I always forget everyone's names, and after i looked i don't even have a pic of the guy Chew.  They are from Maylasia and are all 4th or 5th generation Chinese and don't really speak chinese, and especially not mandarin.  For the readers that don't know malaysian people speak english so we were talking fine.  They were cool and laid back.  Excellent travel buddies!  they said that the rice terraces here aren't as good as the ones in Vietnam.  If that's the case then i'm going to Vietnam someday!

looks like he had no pants or anything on.  why even bother with the shirt guy?

stopped at this side town.  lots of animals about so lots of this.

tons of chickens everywhere on this trip.

we walked to the entrance of this cave.  it was like air conditioning inside.  tour guide said this water is so good and will make you younger.

more water buffalos.  up to their heads in water, didn't look comfortable so i don't know why they were doing this to themselves.

boatman handed us this and Hannah the tour guide said this is a famous spot on the river and is on these cigarettes.  Hannah the tour guide apparently is famous in the hostel world and more specifically on which i have used before.

lots of the mountains have names like this one is 9 horse mountain or something like that.  it really takes imagination to see a lot of the things they are named after.  there are supposed to be 9 or 6 or something horses on the side of this mountain.

little enbankment in the middle of the river.  guy trying to sell us a cormorant fishing show.

see that big boat on the right in the distance.  that is wat you take if you take the 6 hr cruise from guilin.  i didnt think that sounded very cool to ride on a big double decker boat so i took the 2 hr ride from a spot further down that is recommended anyway because there isnt really much to see for the first 25 km of the 80 km journey from Guilin.  it was so much better to get wet, feel the river, and be down where the action is.

a better shot of the raft.  they all look like this basically.  Salih loves boats so he would prbably love this.

2 white girls swimming off of their boat.  they said ni hao, which everyone does, that is what you get when you look chinese.  i am hurt.

saw lots of chinese people not enjoying themselves.

this is for bob since he loves caves so much.  there were tons of caves in the sides of mountains everywhere.

on the top of the mountain on the left there was a pagoda or something and i said man it would be cool if we could go up there.  The girls groaned and we all shrugged it off as impossible cuz it looked so far away and so high.  Later on at the town of Yangdi where we had tea we inquired about the mountain and they said it only takes 30 min to climb to that pagoda.  we did it,  well some of us made it.

on the back of the 20 rmb note there is a pic of a famous spot on the river just before you get to this little village, which was the end of our cruise.  I had saved a 20 for 3 days in my pocket to get ready for the chance to get that picture.  That chance came and passed without us knowing because our tour guide Hannah got taken away by the police before we got there!  so they actually did spot us or someone reported us or something and 2/3s of the way through we had to pull over so they could take her so there would be only 4 people in the boat.  so that left us with the boatman who i asked to tell us when we were coming to the 20rmb note area but he never told us!  she met us at the end of the cruise at this lil village.  Just another funny thing that happened.  See here it was funnier because i was with people.  if i was by myself i would just be like, um this would be funny but im by myself so it is just sad.  here is an outhouse

lots of burning of stuff on this trip

the sign at the base of the mountain/hill/i don't know what the tech specs are to catorgorize a mountain.  it says 1159 steps to the top

there was even a handicapped lane for about 20 feet.

view from a pagoda that was only like 200 steps up

everything would have been fine and dandy if i didnt have to carry my back pack with my life in it all the way up!  my malaysian buddies estimated it was about 20-25 kg or 44-55lbs.  all i know is that it was f'ingggg heavyyyyyy.  so i ended up putting it down almost at the top and prayed that no one would steal it and my laptop which is my life.  no one did.  i dont think they would want to after they pick it up.  the awesome thing is that 2 days later i would have to carry it for 4 hrs hiking around the rice terrace mountains!  all in case i got a job on the trip or had to work/revisions on past work i had just finished on my laptop.

there were stone steps most of the way up, of course a mistep or losing your balance could cause you to fall down a cliff or steep hill and get really injured or dead if you're not that lucky.  so knowing that, some great power above slapped a 45lb backpack on my back to make my balance even harder to maintain.  here is a ladder almost at the top.

tour guide hurtin.  she really wanted to go up this thing at first which is cool because tour guides never want to do anything because they've done it so many times.  she never went up this before, and afterwards she says she never wants to again.

finally at the top.  another gorilla fresh out the shower.

the payoff.  def worth it.  picture not worthy.  oh and the girls stopped halfway up and never made it.  me, tour guide and Chew made it up.  oh and we had to hurry up this mountain again because we had to catch a 7pm bus back to yangshuo.  rushing up and down mountains sucks, besides you don't get to appreciate the scenery as much.  anyway amazing view at the top.

this delta thing was cool.  is that wat its called?

misty mountains that have inspired chinese artists for centuries

tour guide thinking F you jason and you insisting we go up there.  lady in back yelling at us to buy something, looks like cucumbers.

i read in the book that some of the people in the region don't use pinyin but some other form or romanizing chinese so on the left the only thing i know its supposed to say is "zhong guo" instead of "cunGhGoz" or they had a really bad spelling job when they used their form of romanization.  the end of it is all consonants.

fixing the outboard motors used on the rafts.  thats what they're called right?  outboard motors?

the local beer "Li Quan".  tasted like qingtao and yanjing and the lot.

back in yangshuo at night.  i think that is supposed to be Obama next to Osama.  there were also a lot of obama handmade art t-shirts for sale everywhere too.

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