Deb and Sal Visit - Lost pics from Debs Camera

So here are some lost pics from Debbie and Salih's Visit to Beijing from Debbies Camera.

Debbie loves little kids too much, she wants to steal one.  I will save you from looking at countless fotos of cute kids i found on her camera.

cute kid.  box of dirty birds.

a real fixer upper at the bird and fish market.  tons of cat food in the back

they also sell cats.  gross

gross again.  the one on the right looks like it has an a-hole for an face.  gross.

lots of cats crammed in little hamster cages.

come on, they could have fit like 5 more in that one.

oh Salih you simply mustn't!  it tis'nt proper!

waiting in the lobby to go to da tong, they noticed at the bottom of this sign it says "Consume in whole day to the professional guide of 280 yuan and explain (suck the lunch)."  Suck the lunch.  that is a classic

da tong, all around is dirty broken down greasy crap but i but this thing they erected at this cross roads makes them feel better.

kids being made to do prayers or something.

this girl kept looking at debbie.  she had hazel or almost blue eyes.  intersting either because she is chinese and has such light eyes or because her parents are so f'd up that they gave her colored contact lenses at 7 yrs of age.

this would be a lot funnier if he had more prominent buck teeth, i can see a little poking out though.  he was sitting in this far off corner sitting like this and chopping wood.  awesome guy.

i don't remember this but i think it was when Mr. Pei our driver was trying to find food so badly because he was so hungry that he was insane with hunger.  he even said we should call the police and tell them there was no where to eat in this town (a mr. pei classic joke).  im surprised he didn't dig into this cake with his hands.  anyway these are very bad parents.  obviously lil' dude has had way too much cake, he can barely open his lids he is so f'ed up on cake.  next time just get him a more modest sized cake instead of a three tier.

look at this little woman girl.  it looks like she is about to slap someone.  "I beg to differ madam, i wouldn't wear a hat with such poor interior stitching if it was the last hat in Wales".

one of the gross chinese dogs, now in black.

its called shang hua'r guys (flower appreciation).  maybe you would know if you know anything about appreciating flowers.

oh no.

I don't know if one of us taught him how to buck his guns in the air but i would hope we would have had the decency to at least teach him that.  BUCK BUCK BUCK! BLLULLLULULLLAAAT!

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