Osaka June 2009 - Day 4 Wedding Party

Jonny and Masako are married on paper and instead of having a traditional japanese wedding where you MUST give super expensive gifts they decided a wedding party would be easier for everyone and their pocket books. i think this is a new trend maybe in japan, i think my friend Yuri is doing that too.

i can say that this is the finest iron i have ever used. real japanese quality. it is wireless too!

jonny frequented this jazz club so he got to know some key people there including the drummer the singer on the left in the photo and Mr. Kobayashi who is the man around these parts.

pre party warm up

a fine party indeed. nice food too.

masako's sister and her baby. he is like the michelen man right now

these guys had cool style. they are the friends you would have in dream land.

Masako's parents. they are funny. Her mom kept coming up to me when there would be a girl around and shooing us together and nudge me and say "are you shingle?" (are you single) followed immediately by "are you gay"? she said she learned it from Sex in the City. pretty funny stuff. They both speak a lot of english, a welcome bonus.

the drummer was such a cool guy. look at his shirt. and the guy is 51. who knew.

he also has the coolest business card ive ever seen. awesome color, simple design and an amazing simple drawing of his face. he really looks like that. he has a hat on so you can't see that he has a quasi-mohawk.

i miss good beer.

i drew this guy. and Ben's wife Miku below. she asked me to do a drawing like on the drummer's biz card which i don't do so this was my best attempt. sorry miku

running to catch the last train which we missed

they wanted me to wear this mask and say yes we can after hearing that i was american at the party. they had other masks too, but luckily that plan never panned out so i didnt have to wear it. it barely fit on my enormous head anyway.

look at these table leg protectors.