Osaka June 2009 - Day 3

front of Masako's parents' house. she says they live in the worst part of Osaka, i walked around their neighborhood and it seemed really nice. lots of nice landscaping and nice home fronts. she says that this area has the highest number of homeless people too. i dont see it.

osaka city hall. i guess the govt or city is giving people a $1000 stimulus payment or something. thats wat this area is for

the national health insurance desk.

they even have this nice outside balcony area!

public service announcements

ads on the rubber handrail on an escalator

at the shoe store. dont know what this means but in America 1.5 stars means thumbs down!

Vending Machine card swipe thing. this card powers your subway money and can buy a lot of other things like drinks. there is also a spot to tap your phone cuz you can use that to pay

this pic signifies the many hours that jonny was looking for a suit for the wedding party.

i liked how this info girl's dress ended perfectly at the bottom of this sign

me at the bath house. so hot on baby jason's skin. so sweaty. i went in sweaty and came out super sweaty. it also made me feel really weird. im sure after some practice that i will not be a little man baby and be able to enjoy a nice bath.