Japan Trip June 2009 - stuff i bought

I didn't buy that much cuz i dont have any money.

drew my friend Hiroko on a bag on the subway

I finally got my little billiken from Osaka!  he was actually invented by an american but become popular in Japan and now is popular again.

in all it says "The God of things as they ought to be"  I like that.  Its good luck if you rub his feet.

bought these for my roomate.  one is diet pills and the other is collagen something.  they cost a lot more in china and there are a lot of fakes

from the ghibli museum store.  awesome windup totoro

There was a stained glass window like this at the museum.  this has a little paper window in the back so light can shine through.  my favorite scene from the movie.

this is the ticket you get when you go in the museum.  it is 3 frames from one of the 3 exclusive short movies they show there.  the rotate the periods the show the movies.  the short i saw was brilliant and awesome.  i wish i could see the other 2!

film from "Spirited Away" my favorite Miyazaki movie.  i was lucky to get one of the scene where the dustballs are collecting their little start candies.

a Daruma doll.  the story is he came from india, probbably introducing buddhism to japan and meditated so long that his arms and legs fell off.  you buy these with blank eyes.  you fill in one eye and set your goal, and when you achieve your goal you fill in the other eye.  you're supposed to place him up high and only have one.

the running shoes i got.  thank god.  my knee joints would probably explode if i kept running in the bricks i have below.  $30 at a used clothes store.  look brand new though

fake chinese non running shoes are even worse than fake chinese running shoes.

Lauren found her dream laptop. Find the PC that's right for you.


Akari said...

im jealous you went to ghibli museum! i might go soon if theres a ticket available.

Jung Eun said...

I've been to ghibli museum too!! really loved it!!! I didn't know about daruma dolls. the story is fascinating! I wanna have one~~