Japan Trip June 2009 - Day 7 Yuri and Ayako's Bday

went to Yoyogi Koen.  I've been reading this guys blog and every weekend it looks like there is some kind of crazy party here.  Just my luck this day happend to be the Bangladesh festival.  it was super unpopular.  there was just this japanese guy singing punk songs karaoke style on stage.

the park is still cool though.  lots of weirdos doing weird stuff and people chillin.

people within the lines of the smoking area near the train station.

waiting for Uuchi to come get me i drank one of these.  good stuff

Ayako left, Yuri right.  Uuchi , yuri's new hubby back.  it was their birthday.  i met them at FIT maybe 6 years ago.

Sayaka from FIT was there too but she got cut out of the bottom pic oops.

Akane was the pres of the Japanese association at FIT before Vivi.  the guy Reona is also from FIT.  he was a fine arts major.  Now he has his own jewlery design business.  he makes pretty awesome acrylic and enamel painted silver stuff.  His fine art work is pretty awesome too. 


Uuchi is a copywriter.  he says that he works until 12 midnight a lot of days and that its normal.  everyone that cries about working so much should just think about these poor guys that work 12 to 16 hrs a day and have to work on saturdays and sometimes sundays too.  Thats him in the grass in the Asahi Shinbun paper.

he has all the food from this photoshoot.

every prefecture in Japan has a little mascot.  this is the mascot for some prefecture next to Kanto, the prefecture that Tokyo, Yokohama, and Chiba are in.

rooftop of yuri and uuchi's place near Maedaimei

at sushi again at a rotating sushi bar. spent about $10

powdered green tea.  gotta get some of this.

model of the gundam i saw at odaiba.  i think this one costs $1,575.

they have a magazine dedicated to bit torrent.  crazy.  if you dont know bit torrent is this downloading network where you can get awesome stuff.

i think this is from galaxy express 999.  i like how her lashes are so long that they took the time to draw them poking out of her blonde hair.  There is also an interesting social/phsycological reason why anime characters look caucasian.

in Nakano there are lots of cosplay shops.  cosplay is where you dress up in costume like your fav anime character or a nurse or maid or other weirdness.  more interesting social things here.

Met Ben and Miku for falafel real quick across from Temple University.  Temple has a huge school in tokyo.

forgot where this is but they are fishing.  i didnt think it looks like very much fun fishing out of a big tank basically.

Went to yokohama again this time except it was raining when we got there so we just turned around and went back.

there is a CD of the short diddies that play at the stations on i forget what line that is a best seller in Japan recently. 

went to the pink cow for a drink.  this place was in Lost in Translation.

a bag of quality beers and some hopposhu.

the "Giga Meat" pizza from dominos goes great with a bag full of beer.

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