I met another one of Vivi's friends in shibuya for lunch, Yuko.  i think the crosswalks are interesting in shibuya.  all traffic stops in all directions so people can cross and criss cross and jitterbug and all that.

This is Yuko.  I met her in New York when she came to visit vivi when we all lived on 52nd street together.  she teaches ballet amongst other things.  she just came back from a 3 month stay in NYC

This is also Yuko.  but she went to FIT and is studying illustration and is a senior now.  mini statue of liberty at Odaiba.  we were looking for the giant gundam that was rumored to be around there.

Lolita style girl on the train.  there are complex and interesting physcological reasons behind this and other japanese fetish and sex culture stuff.

finally found it.  i think yuko said it was 18 meters but doesnt it look bigger than that?  Mobile Suit Gundam was a super duper popular anime about these robotic suits that had human piolots in them.  i was never into it though.  but its pretty cool to see this life sized one.  i think its in conjunction with the 2016 tokyo olympic bid.

some perspective

Yuko.  FIT illustration senior student.  she is from Yokohama, 40 min from tokyo.  This is her website http://yyuko5.carbonmade.com/

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