Debbie and Salih Part 4

Part 4 of debbie and salih. includes the great wall trip and Da tong trip.

perfect weather for the great wall trip. only 1 cloud in the sky, and a pathetic little sheit stain cloud at that.

china is gettin' there

we went to the simitai section of the wall just like my aunt, bob and me but we only walked 7 towers and not 20 something. also it was a different easier section. buuut there was a loooot of stair up to the wall from where the cable car lets you off. debbie was dying. but once you get up there its fine

and besides she had her new 56 yr old chinese product hocker follower boyfriend to help her.

Mr. pei was recommended to me by Alex, a brit friend. Mr. Pei is awesome.

this garbage can design is awesome

someone on the zip line. we all did it too. not scary at all the 2nd time. i am sparring you all the pics that you have already pretty much seen like from the forbidden city, greatwall etc.... because you can only look at some many pics of your friends and fam having fun when you weren't there.

the indiana jones bridge

the trip to Datong, which is where the caves with all those buddah statues are and the hanging monestary on the side of the mountain. Future cola. it says your future will be better. the didn't have coca cola. now our future is probably filled with cancer

crazy pink radiator design a the hanging temple bathroom

awesome color scheme and designs going on here

celebrity status

this is the aforementioned chow chow haircut i was talking about that "local" girls get.

Mr. Pei conned into doing this pose.

for about 45 min we were stuck in eternal action movie mode boxed in the front back side and side bye huge semis, trucks, and other hauling devices. 2 lanes made into 5, going so slow too because it was a little uphill so the trucks were all in low gear.

this is so crazy. they had a lot of these along this stretch of road. they are huge ramps to nowwhere. i asked mr pei wat they were. he said they are for trucks whose breaks fail and they can't stop. you ride up this ramp and supposedly all this sand and gravel is supposed to stop it before they go flying off the ramp with a truck load of chickens in action movie style. i have never seen this in the states have you? and how bad is that that they need these like every quarter mile on this road?
and there was no mistranslation either, i saw a sign that said its for failed brakes!