Debbie and Salih Part 2

Part two of debbie and salih a visitin'

temple of heaven, gauntlet of weirdos. there are more pics that i will find later

debbie and salih were like celebs. lots of people wanted to take pics with them.

went to see a peking opera show. this show ended up being about the monkey king.

kung fu tea pouring

we got $30 which were at the front row of the second level so you had to lean on this wall and look over. funny to see everyones chins leaning on this thing all lined up

i have to say that this was awesome. it was a spectacle. awesome costumes and acrobatics and choregraphing.

they had a gift shop full of awesome stuff too

i love these two so much but they are ceramic and would probably get broken in my travels.

painting on the inside of a snuff bottle.
next time i want to see this kind of peking opera. i saw a little bit with my parents and it looked cool, and disturbing.