More Life in the New Hood

the driver from the washington post is this 50 something year old guy that is super active and plays tennis everyday and talks loud. he's pretty funny. he called me to play tennis and i said ok. i should have said no because now he wants to play all the time and i dont really like tennis.

I ate watever this is for 20 rmb (3 dollars) and it was enough for 2 meals so i took the other half home

this is from the top of the building next to me

i saw the korean TV station SBS has an office on this top floor as well. i think that telemundo or univison or whatever the spanish speaking channel is has an office on the top floor of my building

this is on the floor above me. it scared me the first time. its just a statute. i dont know why its there.

the fire extiguisher box on every floor as 3 fire extingishers.

chinese paper cut art

rotating sushi bar next to my house. they even put all the drinks on the belt so they go by you

we weren't full after eating there so we went to this turkish restaurant around the corner

yes they had a print of a carpet printed and mounted on some kind of board.

me and angel measured our heads and it turns out her head is 1.5 cm bigger than mine which i dont belive

there you are mom calling me on the phone!