Drink and Party Time

so we had a big saturday night out. of course until the sun came up, complete with dimsum in the morning.

this is in front of the karaoke place. having in imported car wether it be a mini cooper or ferrari cost about double what it would cost to buy in the states so that means even if you see someone in a mini cooper it means they are ballin'. that said these aholes parked their sports cars on either side of the entrance of the karaoke spot. i geuss they look like a ferarri and a porche?

the food bar at karaoke. i saw a lot of people eating curry and stuff. i don't know why we didnt do that. we just drank a bottle of jonnie walker and sang until the sun came out.

i snapped a pic of these weirdos. just kidding i would love to hang out with them.

i don't know why there were 5 guys sweeping water. well besides that china always uses their indespensible people power.

so of course i had to be an a hole and have a hangover the next day. angel brought me to this place. lots of natural daylight. so this is the worst place to come for a hangover.

after i said lets take a stroll through the 3.3 shopping center because my head still hurts and theres no way i can go home and do work yet.

maybe i wasn't a grandma before. maybe i was just a 50 yr old woman before. now china has turned me into a 67 year old retired s security collectin' senior citizen. i like shopping for stuff like this and lamps and shopping in general.

i hope this jerks big frong teeth are super sensitive to cold so when he bites into their product it hurts him. jerk

how amazing is this imperial emperors robe? it's so beautiful i want to cry. look at those waves on the bottom! and it is confirmed that the yellow and these color were reserved for imperial stuff.