Even More Diddlin' Around

took a trip to Mikkeler brewery at Citifield in Flushing. Its so far away that we're not gonna go again. It also filled up with beer bros later on. Craft beer bros is a new species and they are multiplying. The beer was good though.

welcome to America Steven

Didn't know baseball cards were still going.

We intended to check out some Jackson Heights indian food scene but since Flushing was like a 10 min walk from Mikkeler brewing we decided to check out that food mecca.
we ended up walking through residential neighborhoods to the Korean part of flushing to this gamjatang place that wasn't actually that good. Sorry Kimie and Steven, i feel like everytime we end up at a middling or bad Korean place.

we did end up at this really cheap Karaoke later on and got lit. twas quite the mini day trip in flushing.

dead cucumber and dead goya. I kept the back ups in the stairwell into may because they were so delicate and a puff of wind would cause the leaves to curl and look sad.

oak trees are goin

the two homeless shelters is what we see from our rooftop now instead of the NYC skyline. Can still see the statue of liberty btwn the buildings though.

pink dogwood

using my MOMA artist's membership at this members only night. We were enjoying it so much we spent the whole time in the sculpture garden drinking wine and ran upstairs to see Andrew Weyeth's Christina's world painting just as the museum was closing. We'll be back