2018 Illustration Roundup part 3

If You Were a Kid In the Wild West, a book illustrated by me with words by Tracey Baptiste.

Chris Rose writes that we are all pawns in these NFL taking a knee patriot games, where your patriotism is measured by what stance you take on this controversial matter.

For Golf Magazine's monthly Rules Guy column. This one asks if a water hazard isn't marked does it count as a hazard? Some existential unperceived existence for ya.

Twitter, bringer of hate and vengeance. For 01Net magazine in Paris.

New Orleans institution F&F Botanica and Candle Shop closed after several deaths in the family

Cover for Farm Futures magazine about farming like the Pharaoh by stockpiling for the lean years and other business strategies.

2019 The Year In Review - Part Two

I had perfectly good mermaid torsos from a project pitch that i'm contractually not allow to show the world ever so I wanted to use them somehow cuz i worked a long time on them with little sleep so later on I did this summer archers series inspired by vintage photos of celebs like Marylin Monroe on the beach doing archery.

finally got that easel from foo's house and yes it's still in the corner not used as of 2/13/19
better designed zoo habitats make for healthier, smarter animals that are also better at escaping. for medium.com
we actually use the instant pot a lot. 

had to take a photo of my workspace. a few yrs ago Chris Chieco hooked me up with a maxed out mac mini and super expensive 30 inch NEC monitor and i got a cheaper 4k 24 inch side monitor.
twitter, for 01net magazine in Paris

The sungold cherry tomatoes and scallions and misome greens were the year huge producers. 

saw a few games at the sports pub on the corner cuz england made it far in the world cup in 2018

the almost 1 pound Cherokee purple heirloom big boy.
cover art for Akira's album.

Connecticut fun times at Jill and Derek's 
insane rocky and illegal bike trip with Derek.
trail blazing hiking where no human has gone before, making it to Sharon town beach.

the black stallion got a radio upgrade with bluetooth so we can stop using inadequate portable speakers.
went to Bethany Beach and stayed at the old Horne cottage.

first yr hops plants spend their time setting down roots and not making hops.

harvest fest at raishland yielded 48 gallons of cider which about 33 gallons of it were made into hard cider in 8 different varieties. It also yielded good times.
a letter my mom found.

in order to all grain brew without dying i got this food grade heat stick 1650 watt heating thing to supplement the gas stove and it works like a charm. All grain brewing is also signifigantly cheaper than extract brewing so as of 2/13/19 we are on batch 14 of total beer brews.

thanksgiving in VA with the entire Yoo fam.
my art on Collective Arts beer cans.

got the meat grinder attachment so i could finally make those bespoke nuggs i've been talking about and they were delicious and nuggs posts are the most engaged with posts because everyone has a little nugget freak inside of them.

the best thing of 2018 was that Jen graduated from her 1 yr graphic design course at Shillington. She was the top of her class. She worked through all the programs with lots of frustrations and fights and critiques to come out the other side with a great portfolio and the schools top pick. Fast forward to 2019 and she is working as a junior designer at La Mer (super super expensive cosmetics) and won the TDK design competition.
got and returned a 55 inch tv which is a thing cuz we've been watching a tiny tv all this time. got diff 55 in tv and thinking about sending it back cuz it kinda sucks.
xmas in canisteo 
year of the boar card, they nickname baby boars 'Melon Boy' in Japan.

ringing in the new year.

so 2019 may not have been the most exciting year because Jen was in school and not working and we are getting older and and i'm trying to work on my artwork. Let's see what 2019 holds in store. How's Jen's graphic design career going to go? What projects am i gonna work on? how will the garden go? Will we be able to afford to travel anywhere? Only time will tell and you'll see it here (eventually) on this here blog. Thanks for another year reader.

2018 The Year In Review - Part One

It's that time of year again to review the year. This may not be the best stuff or the worst stuff or the best photos but it's the significant stuff and it's the 2018 year in review (part one though you guys).
oh look who got a brand new 'puter. 27 inch imac 5k retina screen paid for with the blood sweat and tears of a thrice pronounced dead macbook that they gave me a LOT of credit for. Jenny needed this cuz she started her one year graphic design program at Shillington. Time to reinvent yourself lil' buddy.
of course more brewing happened

this piece was chosen for the Society of Illustrators annual show. it's the Fall entry into my high fashion women with giant breed dogs. I later saw that Borzoi's aren't a giant breed despite looking huge.
late March snow storm in prospect park.
we went all grain and the stove had to be on blast for 9 hrs for 2 batches and it set off the carbon monoxide detector in the last 30 min but it turned out to be the best beer we made 


I did 6 more of these croquet and ink people in 2018 and the series was chosen for the annual Society of Illustrators show.

Cormac arrives at my parent's house.

he's so cute he gets two photos.
this is what people should be gettin' crazy about, progress towards gettin' to Mars courtesy of spaceX's successful reusable rocket landing.

JP from Korea came for his honeymoon and we saw him for a few days.
built the little greenhouse I didn't have time to last year. Greenhouses don't do anything about how the nighttime temp dips too low for plants. It was a cold spring so a lot of seedlings died and had to be replaced with backup seedlings and it was a very bad start for a lot of plants and the death-knell for some 
oh look who i forced to get a new bike and upgrade to a road bike and now she likes it. Pretty sweet vintage schwinn from the self anointed best bike mechanic in new york via craigslist.

checked out Greenwood cemetery and its sweet, especially in the springtime with its ton of flowering trees.
went with adam and steven down to coney island to see about some honey. 5 gallons of honey, bought in the back of this electronics store in a very drug deal like fashion.

I was so chuffed for many months. My personal helms deep that I constructed. and then it happened. The squirrels learned they could chew through the bird netting and then it was over.

Still had an ok amount of garden bounting including a lot of greens, scallions, heirloom tomatoes, tons of cherry tomatoes, and the hops went through their initial year fine it seemed.

Shinto shrine in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.
a trip upstate to hang and to make this horseshoes pit in prep for the 4th of july
Derek brought some little segways and we slap jousted on them and rode them around a lot and camped out and drank beer and did the Annual international alternative sports tournament of champions LLC working title

this time knife throwing was added as a competition and I won the title of the Great Throwdini.

hiking in ithaca.

hiking in the catskills and we had to take the olsen's dog with us. did it have a good time?

that horrible accident at 9th street and 5th ave. The driver later on was assaulted in jail and died by suicide eventually. 
Yoon visited this was some exhibition in the chelsea dia beacon

home improvements like replacing that g dang loud fan in the bathroom.

and of course the great polish butcher providing us with these golumpkis on thursdays and bread and kielbasa, cheese and meats, and more. What a neighborhood jewel.