as predicted we got one last late snow storm in March and there was even more after that.

it was really warm so the snow was all melty and sticky and slow and fast powder.

the angle of the shot Jen took from the photo above.

this year steven got better at steering a sled.  Last year he would get on and be in the hands of fate.

march2017prospectparksledmontage from Jason Raish on Vimeo.
Japanese Kyoto Kujo Negi, a Japanese bunching onion

forgot what this was, maybe Koreanized braised chicken?

Steven was busy so Bob and I had to attempt two 5 gallon batches by ourselves.  And this time around we were trying the all grain brew in a bag (BIAB) method which uses all grains and is a lot cheaper because grains are cheaper than extract.  We've been doing partial grains and lots of extract.  Some company has done the work of extracting the sugar from the grains to make extract that you just dump in and your'e done, but with all grain you have to steep the grains at temperature for like an hour to get the sugars out and that's why it's cheaper.  It ended up taking 10 hours to do the 2 batches and the stove was blasting on high for 7 hrs of it.  Our carbon monoxide detector went off near the end of it all.  So doing the all grain BIAB method on a stove top in your house takes forever and is just bad for your kitchen and possibly health.  The bummer is that it tastes better!  We can't do this method again unless we have a real rooftop propane burner setup.

Mel's 2nd kid Greta

It was also Jen and I's anniversary but we forgot so we ended up at some hotpot place

saengseon jjim, baked fish

4 average sized people sitting on this Joybird couch and it broke.  Let's see what happens.