This Is Fine

"This is fine" is a panel from a comic by KC Green that has become a meme for when a situation becomes so bad you glaze over and accept it.  This summer it was also like this cartoon literally.  A heat wave with the hottest day being 96.  It got to 93 degrees inside our apartment because we have no AC (by choice).  It made working from home pretty unpleasant

the next day me and bob attempted to have a nice day in the park only to be rained on suddenly and super hard.  Eventually we found ourselves huddled in a bathroom and just had to get totally soaked and run home in the warm summer rain and kiss by the fire.

back at the park later that day.  This lady has been at it since I was going to FIT in 2002.

its ok for you to hate young people at times like this.

tried out Taiwan Pork Chop House on Pell street and I've been back again since.  It's good stuff!

a new section of Brooklyn Bridge park that is less trafficked. 

the heat wave kind of broke so I made this braised beef brisket noodle soup with soy sauce eggs.  The next day the heat wave was back.

Jacob Riis beach next to Fort Tilden where we posted up at

At the BK bridge park basketball courts, privilege at work?  We were drinking in public but if we were black would we get the same looking the other way treatment?