Middle Summer

middle of summer stuff.

one of the bartenders from Abilene in our hood opened a bar in Crown Heights, Super Power.  Tiki themed cool kitsch.

Bastille day on Smith street in front of Bar Tabac.  Petanque tournament

that's right i got you buddy.

for the title.  Meat purveyor D'Artagnan's team won second place, the Bronx Petanque guys got 3rd I guess.  Don't know who won 1st. 

Avan thought double nose diggin' was hilarious

hot summer, cold noodles.
Victo is headin' out west.

Viginia's Dad's personally picked Swedish mushroom stash.  Oh the envy.
peeps in Cobble Hill don't want towers being built in their beautiful tree lined brownstone neighborhood and I don't blame them.  

outside The Other Half Brewing, spent hops I'm guessing.
finally started playing Pokémon Go, my very first pokemon looks a lot like someone I know.