Snowzilla - Part 1

this year they were calling the big storm Snowzilla.  NYC missed the record snowfall by .25 inches but did set the daily record
a few days after brew day
after a few more days this airlock with water in it went on.  It now sits with a yoga mat wrapped around it and a blanket on top.

awesome Japanese postal stamps.  got a bunch of year of the monkey nengajo post cards from friends in Japan.

plastic bags over mirrors too

we made it two blocks to Abeline where it was more festive and bustling than i've ever seen it in the day time.  we went to several bars and its as if the blizzard made people want to get out and do stuff.

the walking dead

after a lot of drinks

by midnight the blizzard was over.  There was a travel ban on driving in NYC until the next morning.  Most trains were shut down or delayed severely or sections that run above ground terminated

a weird section of the block on the super snow drift side that had nature dig their cars out.