Mega Work Dump - Part 2

Raising a Tomboy for Emory Alumni Magazine

Navigating estate sales for the Washington Post

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.  The news of some new insane thing each morning prompted me to make this illustration featuring a portrait of Vladimir Putin riding a bear in every hotel room

Should you by or rent?  for the Washington Post

spot for Westchester magagazine about a woman remember her times shopping with her mom at Nordstroms or similar in Halston jumpsuits and such

For the Wall Street Journal - Study about how you dress and the way people perceive you.  Turns out the weirder you dress the more respect you garner whether you be a professor or in a luxury store wearing sweat pants.

sales staff thought people wearing sweat pants in a luxury store were most likely rich and likely to buy something.

another for the Wall Street Journal about working from home.  Pancakes, dog.