Motown Birthday

Had a Motown themed birthday party with my roommate Tae.  Borrowed some real photography gear like strobe lights from James Chang pictured here.  I have a wireless remote so I set up my room as a photo booth for the party.

Illustrator Johnny Bartlett


Illustrator Johnny Dombowski

Illustrators Robyn Ng, Kyle Stecker and Victo Ngai in spirit via iphone.

The Olsens

Ellen and Luke

These guys really took the theme to heart, bravo gents
Other roommate Kat and Illustrators James Bascara and Jeremy Enecio

Me and Mike getting hangtime like Mike 

Tae got a disco ball for the living room, worked pretty well.  Motown playlist in the living room but it's so small that no dancing happened.  We had like 50 people over
Tae the other birthday girl

aaaannnd my room got destroyed.  I expected that though.  Another year, another birthday party.