Between Three Weeks

A week in Paris between Yoon's 3 week visit and Bob's 3 week visit.

my favorite house on the corner

It seems like spring has sprung in the back yard but it still only gets up to 50 degrees F.  Where is my spring!!!!

Penny, the neighbors dog

that corner on Ile St. Louis with the seine coming up the banks

Took a break from work and rode my bike out to the corner of Ile de la Cite next to Pont Neuf.  Its a pretty sweet corner.  It was the one day when it was warmer and people were out.

water over flowing

I see people playing this game a lot. what is it?

Back on that point the next day for a bottle of wine because my friend was going back to Korea.  This photo looks like I am stealing somone's memory in a movie.

dudes playing Django-esque music at some cafe

I popped not one but two tubes this day.  the first time I just thought that it was old so i walked it to my bike shop and changed it and rode on (it took a while because I had to learn how to change a tube first, some dude helped me).  Then the tube popped again.  I instantly knew that I would find a piece of glass still in the tire and I did.  I wasn't very happy this day.  I went back to the shop and took out the glass and put in a new tube.


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