Farewell Der Kock

my very good pal Van Der Kock's goodbye new york campaign. Here he is at 69 in chinatown.

Mei Dick Barber shop on mott street.

at Hunter college, part of the 2012 graduating masters show in fine art

my new roommate matt in his hunter college master's program in fine art studio.

Xi'an famous foods on bayard st. in chinatown. tasty stuff.

i found this korea flag at my parents house which i got from the orphanage when i was adopted. I don't know why i packed it away and didn't carry this with me around the world. from now on it will be on my wall.

the sidewalk of FIT (fashion institute of technology)

getting something framed for the society of illustrators advertising show. this old italian guy has been there since I went to FIT.

why is there a District 9 poster in this garage in chinatown?

bedfore ave L train stop. Name a price, pick a subject, get a poem.

my GGS multi layer screen protector on my Canon 5D mark II done got got when i was riding the train to Paris and i finally got a new one. it's pretty awesome though it saved my screen.

my other roommate josh has a chocolate lab named max. he's 11. it's just him and me all day long in the apt.

I got a print from my illustration pal Victo Ngai. i'm super jealous of her style. check her out


my new room for 3 months.

yes i was able to get the Harmon Kardon soundsticks like i had in tokyo for $50 from some girl down the street off craigslist.

somewhere on the J train to pick up a printer.

Filipino restaurant in the east village. really delish

their pork belly

1st ave L train with agnes, sophie pan wendle W wenlin, and van der kock.

mike's bday at diana's house.

i think this is pork belly. flushing mall in flushing.

chinese new year 2012 lion dances.

this new 24 mm f/1.4 L lens has almost a 3D effect sometimes with it's shallow depth of field.

after coming in from the cold quickly. look like a wong kar wai shot or something.

before van der doodle went to the airport we had fried chicken and waffles at Amy Ruth's.

Well Van Der Kock, we had a good run in London and New York. see you in the next city where our adventures and misadventures will continue.