A Very Van Der Kock Xmas - Part 2

Sausage gravy and biscuits. A man's breakfast.

go on van der kock you know you like it. the recipe calls for a whole stick of butter melted into that gravy.

targets for the sportsman's club that my dad runs or use to run or supervises or something.

bob's behind a wall of his favorite beverages at Wegman's.

sushi time. it would have been a lot better if sushi grade fish was available at wegman's but it turned out ok.

Van Der Kock is from holland remember. This was his first waffle ever. at least it was homemade. Also it was his first time trying rootbeer and cream soda. come on guy, god.

my new Canon 24 mm f/1.4 L USM lens. wide angle, super fast f/1.4, silent USM motor, L glass, all comes at a hefty price and weight too. The photos out of this are so crispity.

the new 24 mm is fixed at 24 mm so naturally its image quality is better than my old 20-35mm zoom lens. The old 20-35mm is so much lighter though.

the lens hood that came with the new lens is ridiculously large and i never use it because it draws too much attention to the super expensive gear i'm carrying.

film crew on the hill.

hey ladies, are you into rugged, yet refined gentlemen with their domesticated beast against a back drop of earth-toned country goodness? Look no further.

I don't know which one of these i like better so i posted both.

please don't leave too many comments about how i look so cool and like the wong kar wai of my generation.

into the forest.

in another life me and bob have decided that we would be the Asian Coen brothers. And this would be a photo of us scouting a location for our movie that is not Fargo. But seriously we wish we could make movies but it is too late as we are in the twilight of the making a career out of something years.

This trail cam captured a bear and its cubs a few weeks ago.

Did you that we are in a bad Azz rock band with Van Der Kock though? We rocked a crowd of 2 for 4 days straight, 1 day and 1 night show. the crowd of 2 were not our fans though and the novelty a rock band wore off after 2 songs.

my pal Allen Ying started this new skate board magazine "43". this is the premiere issue, check it out if you can, they're rare these days. http://43magazine.com/

Our attempt at English tea time. We even faxed my mom this invitation that i made. We wore suits, mom wore a dress. Bob made scones, crumpets, and clotted cream cuz i had to work on a magazine cover. Do you know how hard it is to make clotted cream? it took a day and a half and yeilded almost nothing. But bob is a soldier. I made bunting (that triangle pennant cloth thing) and hung it up. there were many kinds of Fortnum & Mason teas and gooseberry jam. Then the power went 10 minutes into our "tea party". We pretended that this party was happening during the Blitz and that the scones and crumpets didn't suck, but we could only keep it up for so long. Please don't make fun of us. We're two full grown male brothers still trying to get mommy and daddy to play tea party with us.

I hate the internet meme "Fail" so i'm just going to say Failure. It's ok bob, you tried your best with the scones and crumpets, it's baking so the same would have happened to me. We just need a better recipe next time. That is if we're not all growns up by next year.