Norman Nublowski

The German is back. Norman Nublowski is back for more. He was one of my roommates in tokyo for a time before the earthquake made us run away. He is German. That's all you need to know.

this is what i had to work with. You can't look anymore German than this. This is like Super German Tourist man if i ever had to draw one.

tortilla de jamon york bocadillo

MACBA is the Museum of contemporary art. Everything here is super avant guard and not accessible to normal people so i can't recommend it at all unless you have absolutely nothing better to do and its raining. Everything i've seen has made it sound like MACBA is a must see but its a must not see on my list. There are soooo many other museums in Barcelona that are awesome and you can only do so many museums so why waste one or your museum tolerance credits on this place?

Sagrada Familia and an owl

Aitor has this business where he makes custom leather motorcycle gear for people using factories in Pakistan. I don't know how he managed to pull off this kind of business and acquire these resources but good for him. Aitor is the furthest thing from a leather bike suit wearing a-hole, he doesn't even like riding bicycles. and for my mom, before you reprimand me for this photo, ask yourself this: how can i be a super badass leather bike jacket wearing dude if im not doing what im doing in this pic? i couldn't just be wearing this and having a cup of tea to get my point across.

chair upgrade. This is how people in Barcelona get most of their furniture. That's how i got my desk. that's how i got the burlap sacks i'm wearing right now.

once every 47 years with the coming of the comet my crappy pocket cam will fire at the same time some interesting lighting happens (in this case club strobe lighting) and then i get a decent photo. this is in Apolo club


sculpture that is an icon of barcelonetta beach.

The W hotel on the left, that sculpture on the right.

the long distance rail station next to cuitadella park

the lobby of that station

usually they don't have these super tiny bike lights that are hard to read so you have to be at the right angle to watch the crosswalk lights, but sometimes they are so far away you have to just go for it at some point. Also you have like every angle possible going on here so its really easy to go at the wrong time.

Cuitadella Park revisited. Tightrope walking is super popular in Spain. Spain has the right conditions to breed tons of hippies. and it's doing it.

Yes this is HDR but the stormy clouds really were there.

this is what i feel like when i go to the nude beaches here too guy.

Catalan food at Origen. its good but not as good as La Taverna Llesca.

happened upon that plaza where they shot people during the spanish civil war. the thing about this plaza is that it's hidden and the only time i ever find it is by chance. we caught the last 15 seconds of some kind of film event.

looking up towards MNAC, the Museo Nacional d'Art de Catalunya.

from the top of the stairs at the Museo Nacional d'Art de Catalunya.

the olympic something or other is also on Montjuic. a lot of the olympic facilities are.

this has to be the purtiest "could possibly be a hobo" photo i've taken.

the Mediterranean taken from the trail at the base of the monjuic castle. See how you can't even tell i have a new camera at this resolution after i've compressed them for the web?

a good photographer is not lazy. A good photographer moves to get the best shot. I leaned into a fence full of cacti and got a bunch of pricks on my pri--. I was wearing my swim trunks from the beach before so i basically had no protection too. I think in this instance my dad will get more enjoyment from this one than bob.

The "magic fountain" show. I don't give two cagas about the magic fountain show but everyone else seems to. It doesn't fill me with awe and wonder as the fountain cycles through different lights and bad music piped out from speakers. it's in front of Museo Nacional d'Art de Catalunya.

the street between plaza espana and Museo Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

an above ground track somewhere at the base of montjuic

we happened to see my roommate ceclia's boyfriend Michele (Italian) just as he came back from a week riding around the island of Ibiza with his dog in tow.

We dined with the Indignados. and by dined with i mean ate sh!tty bocadillos at 2 am while sitting on the same ground and they didn't beat us up. this is what the middle of plaza cataluyna looks like at night.