大人になりましょ! or Let's become an adult - Jason's 30th

I went to an "exclusive" Far East Movement concert at the Liquid room in ebisu cuz my friend got invited. i've seen their name around before but it's the first time i've ever heard their music. They even had the billboard #1 song in america and i still never heard them. anyway they are just the next pop hop group, only their asian american. Its supposed to mean coolness for fellow asian americans cuz they're finally getting mainstream recognition. But that doesn't really matter when you make shi!ty music with super sh!tty lyrics. They have a ton of engergy live though, ill give em that.

Dominos in tokyo advertises on facebook like a mah lover. so we finally ordered from them. the oven baked sandwiches looked massive and tasty on the website. what we ended up with with something the size of a half SUBWAY sub with a sprinkle of sauce, like as if your grandma put pizza sauce lipstick on and ever so gently kissed your sandwich bun goodnight so as to not wake it. that's how much sauce i'm talkin. like NO sauce. why does asia hate pizza sauce WHYYYYYY. and everyone knows what SUBWAY and subway-like subs mean..... that you're still gonna be hungry as a mah lover, which happened. This is the "too much meat" sandwich for $9.15.

I found redstripe in tokyo. there is a Jamaican restaurant called aawali in ebisu. and i also found the first seriously hot sauce in tokyo also at this place, and its sweet and spicy and i wanted to steal the bottle. its their own recipe. more Jamaica coming up.

Vuco wine bar in ebisu. they have a little fired pizza oven that makes these nice lil 500 yen pizzas. I'm down with this place. here is some kinda mashed potato and bacon pizza. it was yums and im down with that combo on pizza now. It was a good opportunity to tell the story of how i worked in a pizza shop in my little hometown when i was 18 and business was bad so i gave ate away more pizza/s to my friends than we sold. That place wasn't in business very long, and its only my fault by like 2% or something probably......

since the name of my party is "lets become an adult" because i'm turning 30 and because i still haven't had the chance to wear this super nice 3 piece suit i got made in china by my friend that makes clothes for celebrities, I thought this is the occasion, even if drinks get spilled on it (1 gin and tonic did). I went with my friend somewhere 2 hrs from Beijing, to this fabric city, to pick out this fabric. it ended up being from japan.

the place i had my party is so cool. i went there once for someone else's party. its like a small trump room. Norina reserved the whole space for me. Its like a lounge/party room. the sign outside only has a small "E" for echo. its harder to find once you go upstairs cuz its not labeled and looks just like another apartment. so signs had to be made.

Norina here also makes amazing baked goods on top of teaching english at waseda university, knowing everyone in tokyo, knowing every party every night, having a super woman like amount of energy, and being half Sri Lankan or Singaporean or something like that.

doesn't it look like the most fun party ever? don't you wish you were there?

Norina even found me a DJ, marion from queens. (pictured is not the DJ obvz)

I don't know if this was a present or wat but i ended up with it on my head when i went home.

Norina is available for commision at: bitemebakes at gmail dot com this was a peanut butter and truffle cake with some kinda frosting. it was like as if your grandma had a meth lab only its a sweets lab and she made you this cake with the good stuff and somehow through some formula created a super saturated crack cake. It was dee-ri-shus

Gachapin was made out of pure sugar. thanks for the diabetes for my 30th Norina.

Some presents I got. Japanese are still not a-holes and still give presents on birthdays. Just kidding, i dont need presents and long as i am wrapped in the warmth of your friendship......Thanks for this furoshiki and green guy Saeko

old school Japanese hair prop

amazingly delicious and expensive cheese and white chocolate dipped potato chips, thanks Hiro and Jennifer

Socks and some kinda panda soap and glasses not pictures where are the glasses!!!! thanks Kumon, aoi, and the okinawan (kanako just kidding i know come on now.)

from the depths of the seas i summon the powers of the internet to tell me what this is! Saeko says its some American character. who knows what he is?

not pictured, champagne we drank while waiting for the train home. Who gave me the nihon shu?

new york/american style burritos do exist in tokyo. in azabu juuban its called Frijoles and looks exactly like chipotle inside.

the first tip box i've seen in japan. thats one of the most awesome things about asia, no tipping. no taxi tips, restaurant tips, delivery boy tips, nothing.

my new german roommate Norman. and Hiroko who i met in beijing many years ago when i was a young man in my 20's.

hey i have an idea guys. lets go watch the sh!ttiest 3D movie to date, the green hornet. shame on Micael Gondry for taking this movie on after reading the script. Shame on Oscar winner christoph Hiltz for taking the villain part. and shame on 3D. i'm not watching another movie in 3D for at least 5 years until the up the technology.

shot of my room using Naoki's superwide lens.

Tokyo Big Sight using the superwide.

So now i'm 30. it feels the same but we measure age in numbers for a reason, so it makes me think about a few things. how long can i go till i really start to look old, how long can i get away with travelling and living around the world, how long can i go making $45,000 a year, how long can i go until i'm the loneliest, ugliest bastard in the world? I would say 5 more years. hahahaha

See ya'll in Nagano with the Onsen Monkeys tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday broham.

MC said...

happy birthday, dude. i turned 30 a couple of months ago and that one question is spot on, 5 years!