Hooters Tokyo

Don't Blame me, i'm just giving the customer what they want. this is a non bias reportage. Hooters just opened in Tokyo last week. There were a few foreign waitresses but the majority was Japanese. The clientele was a mix of Japanese and Foreigners. There were a decent amount of women customers as well. I have never been to Hooters in the US but i've been in Beijing and Tokyo. The girls definitely don't pack the same punch as they do in the US, or so i've seen from the pictures.

Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined is the slogan at Hooters. As one of my friends pointed out, maybe they should call it bootys because there weren't any Hooters per-say walking around. Our party was 50% guys and 50% girls. Guys and girls alike agreed on this. Everyone also agreed that the uniforms are not so flattering. Ok this picture was just to get your attention

Look at this nice little Oden package i picked up from the store for $3. It says its enough for 2 people. but after eating all this I was still super hungry. Its just fish cake and tofu and rice cakes basically. So it's like eating nothing. Still delish though

Been working on a ton of projects. Here is a screenshot of my screen while i'm drawing. Most of the time I have to reference multiple photos to get the pose I want. Here I am building an ideal woman for a project that I can't show you until next month.

Sometimes my roommate makes a huge pot of this Indian curry and it's awesome. He says he chose this special curry paste because once he saw an Indian woman pick this at the store.

I wanted to make something that required mushrooms but fresh mushrooms were expensive so i thought i'll just used cheap canned one. The only thing available was this super tiny can of $3.70 mushrooms! SPAM also costs $6 here.

Aoyama somewhere. Its on the side of a Chinese restaurant. Mona Lisa with a red communist beret.

amazing Japanese Mullet action. This is a man.

Limited time beer sampling.

come on now. its not even thanksgiving yet.

yes we waited outside Hooters on the line with everyone else for 1 hour. If it were up to me I would never go to a Hooters or a strip club or anything of that sort because i think its a waste of money. I'm not being a downer I'm just saying you could spend all that money trying to meet real girls that aren't professionals.

they all spoke english too.

The best piece of meat I saw all night. Check out these $30 wings. yes $30 for 20 wings. F Tokyo!


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