Hello Park Slope

Hello Park Slope!  We finally moved in.  Technically our side of 15th street is still Park Slope, the other side of the street is South Brooklyn.

watching Office Space at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

a few days later at Nancy's bday party at the new 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge rooftop

in the end there's only one way.

found this guy on the bed and hoped it wasn't a tick.  It's not it's a spider beetle.

the butter crunch lettuce was producing enough to eat everyday  (eventually it crapped out)

a harvest of buttercruch, mizuna and young shiso and gaennip leaves cuz we needed them despite getting to their full size.

Jen made some bulgogi and we combined it all to make ssam bap

climbing has gotten popular, stevers and bartlett go to brooklyn boulders regularly, and they're even having them at street fairs like this one on 5th ave BK.

somewhere in park slope, Teencetown, population 67.

Sweet Crude at the Bric celebrate brooklyn live concert series in Prospect Park.

I discovered Ben L'Oncle Soul in Paris and was amazed he was headlining a night at the park.  I was then disappointed to find he sang only once in French the whole night and the entire time was reworkings of Sinatra, and a lot of B level Sinatra at that.

The ramen crusted chicken bao sandwich at Hey Hey Canteen in Gowanus

working late

back in Carroll Gardens I finally saw Dennet Place, a little street with even tinier hobbit doors on every building.

Ellen was here and she got really hot

in the Pokemon Go world the Raid functionality was finally released and its forced nerds to gather and team up to achieve stuff.  Sometimes there are even normal looking people.  Then they released the Legendary birds and you absolutely have to team up with people and even talk to strangers on the street to coordinate.  The very first day, a sunday, that the Legendary birds were available Bob and I set out in my hood with the expectation of not having enough people (12) randomly around to help in the capture of a legendary bird.  We made our way to the front of a church and saw a small group of people waiting around.  We joined them and had to talk to them and we didnt have enough people.  We all waited a few more minutes and more people crossed the street to join us.  We fought and lost 2 time and we all knew we needed one more person.  We see a kid with ADD run over and he was all over the place and we finally got him to do what we needed him to do and we all won.  Everyone was so happy and high fiving and one lady was like I might cry.  It was like the sizzle trailer for the game.  We had a diverse crowd of many races, ages, and walks of life.  It was amazing and a truly magical experience all brought about by a dumb app on our phones.  Keep in mind we are a group of 12 people on the sidewalk and it's embarrassing (at least for me and bob) because we are standing around on the side walk for pokemon go.  I walked dumbfounded and amazed and conflicted by having a bunch of 1s and 0s bring about emotions in me.  Since then the raids have become less magical as peeps no the deal/are getting fatigued.

the indoor Shiso and Gaenip is doing well also.