A Honeymoon in Asia - It's Over

the final day of our honeymoon in asia was spent traveling back to NYC

we had a 9am flight so we had to wake up super early.  We didn't ride this cool looking tetsujin like train to the airport.
we had wifi the whole time in Japan thanks to their pocket wifi technology that you can rent and drop off in a mailbox when you're done (in an envelope of course).  Benefits of pocket wifi is multiple devices can connect to it at the same time as opposed to renting a sim card.  Down side is it's another device that runs out of battery power.  We rented from Pupuru.
in the bathroom
was digging the style of this terminal at Kansai international airport.

gifts from friends and fam from Japan and Korea

our purchases from left to right:  kukuri zaru, daruma, bowls, ceramic tanukis, look at their precious eyes, alas the pair went to my parents.  traffic safety charm from a shrine in kyoto, japanese kids cups, little monkey bell, tickets that are 3 frames of ghibli films from the ghibli museum, and ghibli pins.

jen got this furoshiki at Kyoto Musubi at the tokyo shop in harajuku.  We met the artist Kata Kata who was in the back hanging out.  http://kata-kata04.com/ 

got these big khakis in Seoul, my skinny khakis on the left.  gonna try to make it work this summer

bought this traditional indigo dyed jinbei style thing in daikanyama, the brand is "gaijin made".

top two found in tokyo, i've been looking for that erroll garner record and its in great condition.  bottom two are ebay buys, that ralph burns spring sequence album is my fav spring jazz record.

tried to recreate the onion we ate in tokyo, miso tamanegi and it was ok.  There aren't recipes online so I had to guess, also they are made with fresh in season new Japanese onions so I don't think i'll ever get it right.
Kansai (Osaka and Kyoto)

Tokyo (missing a few taken of mt fuji along the bullet train line)


So in conclusion we had a great time, it was jen's first time in japan and she loved it.  After 3 weeks we were destroyed.  Having friends in Japan allowed us to have a different kind of experience than the normal tourist so that was cool.  It was good to see all my asia buddies again.  The flight back with a stop over in beijing was relatively uneventful.  After 3 weeks of fun times and seeing a glimpse of my old life i had a few depressing weeks.  But you can't sustain that kind of life forever and there are different fun times back here in America.  Hopefully this isn't our last time in Japan.  Ok honeymoon achieved!  Now onto life including moving into a new apt and beyond!