Breakneck Ridge

tried to do a pot roast, need to learn and try again, maybe there is such a thing as too long.

a drink with a shiso leaf in it at Long Island bar kind of near our house.

Carroll Gardens gets into Halloween
at this point the summer was over and it was into fall and me bob and jen held down a poke gym in Canisteo for like 2 weeks.  This is amazing to us because in NYC you can't hold down a gym for even part of a day but I guess the rural players have is so bad that they can't get to even our middling level or no one cares anymore.  Our reward was poke coins

One Friday night we said let's do the Breakneck Ridge hike tomorrow and Steven said ok.  I've seen it rated a 10 out of 10 difficulty hike on some websites but I don't know if its more than a 6, I mean we all made it without incident.  There is a significant portion that is really steep like this and require scrambling but nothing that you can't do if you take your time, or if you're younger you can not take your time.  It got hairy a couple times but that was my own doing trying to make the scrambling fun.  It's pegged as a 4 hour hike, 3.7 miles, total ascent 1,442 feet, highest elevation 1,207 feet.

sugarloaf I think

the hudson river.  Steven and I were talking about taking the Metro North up to some town, blowing up the kayak and kayaking all the way down to somewhere, Fort Tryon park at the top of Harlem would be ideal but that is really far.  Lots of peeps on forums for kayaks say this is an insane idea

There's even a Metro North train stop weekends only for breakneck ridge so you could totally take the train here, hike and train back to NYC and your hipster trappings in 1 day.

what's up with these dudes?  Where they waiting to tag some beautiful rocks and landscape with spray paint "DAP CREW"?  That's a long way to go to tag something, besides being an @sshole 
There was even a pokestop in the middle of the hike!

once we made it past the dangerous part we drank from the flask filled with vodka and caught some pokemon and looped back around to the car with more than a few other people along the way.  In the summer time I bet it's annoying how many people there are here, in late fall it was fine.  I'd definitely do this again.

on the way back we hit peekskill brewery and the craft brewery phenomenon that is getting to be a little too much I think.  A 4 pack of these cans were $20