Summer Break

a brief few week days between 2 big summer weekends.
at Brooklyn Bridge Park they are building this huge thing blocking out someone's view

za Germans.  After this it was on to Ample Hills ice cream and then Lucali's pizza

Tschau Germans 

walking home past midnight I saw this VW van parked on our street for once and then it made me stop and look and remember the feeling of summer in my teen years, walking around the streets in the dead of the night looking for something, anything that was happening (spoiler alert there wasn't)

mental illness has many forms.  This woman/man was wearing what I guess to be a found wig and bomber jacket on one of the hottest days of summer.  She also had these found helium balloons that she was trying to corral to get off the train in 6 stops.  One of them popped, one of them made it under her jacket, one of them broke away and floated around the car with the AC blowing it around at people who were furiously trying to avoid it and the diseases that were covering it all while trying to play it cool because it's just a balloon.  Woman gets off, disease balloon remains in car, new passengers have no idea where balloon came from and don't avoid it.  Makes you think about what happens on a car before you get on it and sit down.

coco curry in chelsea is just acceptable Japanese curry.
My past mentor John Nickle's illustration at the FIT library

Jana, John's husband also had this sitting around in her office, a 3D color printed prototype this guy did.

art handling sucks, framing stuff sucks.  These two will be in the "New Visions" show at the Society of Illustrators from sept 8 - oct 31st.  I had to rush around and so i ended up wasting a whole day running around town to end up with sh!tty store bought frames.

found a huge frame on the street, trying to make a cool chalk board out of it by painting it up with chalkboard paint and spraypainting the frame gold.  Will know if it came out cool or not in a few days.

I got an Award of Excellence from the Society for News Design for a Washington Post section cover I did last year.  Cool but now it's time to get back to work.