Summer IS Coming - Part 2

dual rubberband fail safes.  how bad would it suck if i was riding down park slope and the bat went into my spokes?

Steven invited us to this picnic party in prospect park organized by the editor of that website Brokelyn.

they wrote about how there would be slip n' slide.  I didn't know how they were going to pull this off and they barely did using dr brommer's liquid soap (which is expensive what were they thinking) and sprinkle here and there from a 2 gallon jug.  It was not the crazy slip n' slide they made it out to be as it was the shortest slip n' slide plastic i've ever seen, look at it it's like the length of 2 adults.  They had to fufill this promise though and they did, technically.

gringos gone wild.  trying to get this piñata up, various Mexicans standing around and laughing, waiting for the gringos to be even more estupido

Mexican kid gets go ahead nod from dad
If you wait for this to load it's an animated gif!

throw came in to late.  third baseman came in too late as well.  problems when you only have 2 people on your team

Steven Hedley on defense.  Maybe next time.  the clenching of his hands and the position of the ball tell me i'm pretty safe at first base.

Steven Hedley looking like a young Willie Mays.

Steven Hedley, British guy that doesn't know you're not supposed to round the bases with the bat.  I wanted to bean him so bad.

Steven Hedley, The Man, The Legend

someone brought this weird game where you throw bolos at this thing and you get more points the lower down the rungs you get it to wrap around.

Brooklyn Social's backyard

Brooklyn Inn, cool place

the 8$ pickle starter at Pickle Shack is not worth it.  Also warning, it's a vegetarian place that looks totally like they'll have bad for you american food.  Nothing wrong with vegetarian but just, Warning!

Table 87 on 3rd ave started showing stuff on the side of the subway bridge, like the Rangers final and movies like Goonies.  Not only is their pizza tasty but they have a little bar inside too.

finally went to Sahadi's on Atlantic and I love this place!

they were selling a barrel full of fresh almonds, like so fresh they look like this.  pretty bitter outside

their hummus (super tanhini-y) and other prepared foods were awesome too.

a view of the Court Street United Artists cinema from one of Foo's coworker's pimp pad.

His sign said he was a veteran.

we got huge ramen bowls.  You can't see the true size in this photo but it is the huge size I have been waiting for to make super deluxe ramen in.

a cool VW hatchback something.  From looking online it's a Volkswagen type 3 , 1965 maybe.