Socal - Hike.Beach.Beer.Play.

We took a trip to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.  We foolishly tried to do a exercise run but it is the desert and it was hot and it didn't go very well.

"The Slot".  Slot canyon entrance.  It's hard to find this road that is marked with a small small sign, then you drive down sandy terrain for a bit and you're here.  You'd never know it was here unless you stumbled into it somehow or saw this guys website
oh what a fortunate time to have made it into the canyon.  the light.

I didn't pose this, I'm not that lame.

I saw a lot of this.  Jen looking up waiting, wondering when i'm gonna stop climbing stuff

There was a family in that truck.  The dad told the 16 yr old daughter that she could check out the canyon next time they come back because she didn't have the proper footwear on.  she had black leather boots on.  It takes 10 minutes to walk through the canyon so 20 min round trip.  The daughter just lazily took it and they got in the truck and left.  How sad.  I feel bad for her but do I?  I feel bad for that whole situation.  Anyway Slot Canyon was pretty awesome.

was I staring off into the mountains contemplating?  Or was I eating XXXtra hot Cheetos?

we raced from desert to ocean and caught the sunset at Encinitas beach where they Amtrak tracks run along the beach.  Literally as soon as the last bit of the sun set below the ocean the 15 or so people that were there on the cliff bounced out.  This is one of the perfect places to see the sun set.

The next day near Encinitas beach.  It was cold.  It was fun?

Stone Brewery is in Escondido.  They have this beer garden area.  Pretty sweet deal

this thing was pumping out some kind of waste product.

Churchill's gots beers!  And darts, and a darts league that is serious about darts.  We are not serious about darts but were able to play.  Taps are not labeled and are handblown glass.

this is what excellence looks like ladies and gentlemen, my 3 bullseye final round for the win.

and if you needed to see what excellence is again this is it ladies and gentlemen.  In a game of high score 20s are your bread and butter.  Threading the needle.

you guessed it, Mexican again, at Puesto in San Diego.  Taco tuesdays a pretty sweet.

The toughest shot at Tiki Town Adventure Golf in Mission Beach is the pineapple windmill.  That said on a 5 star scale Tiki Town gets 2 stars.  Most of the holes were to put it nicely non-inventive, and in reality just straight on or par 2 holes that were basically the same.  Really weak creativity and challenge.  2 stars for being the nicest most well kept mini golf course i've played on.  I played mini golf throughout my youth across the Delaware costal area so I have to keep my mini golf nose in the air.  So that's it for Southern California.  It's been nice, a little too nice.  After a few days I felt the urge to "do something".  I guess the New York rat race is running through me now.  The adventures continue back in New York.