Solenne Le Sommelier

A bonus illustration in my personal Parisians series.  This will be the last one for a long time or even, forever.  I illustrated cool looking people I saw around Paris when I lived there, and even interviewed some of them.  I met Solenne around Paris several times.  The first time was when she was the sommelier at Vivant (an excellent restaurant).  The second time she was eating at Le Verre Volé (a decent restaurant).  It seems like all the people from top restaurants know each other in Paris.  The third time was at Le 6 Paul Bert in the 11th arrondissement, where she is now the sommelier (also an excellent restaurant).  She is half French, half Vietnamese and wants to go to Vietnam someday.  J’ai rencontre Solenne autour de Paris à plusiers fois.  Le premiére fois, à Vivant (un resto tres bon) quand elle était le sommelier.  Le deuxiéme fois, à Le Verre Volé (un restaurant convenable) où elle était mangeait. Le Troisiéme fois, à Le 6 Paul Bert (aussi un resto tres bon) où elle est le sommelier.  Elle est Franco-Vietnamienne et aimerait visiter le Vietnam.  Should I do a “The New Yorkers” series?

Got a copy of Neo Folk, a special publication put together by Kult, an agency in Singapore. This is my page. There’s great stuff from Yuko Shimizu, Andrea Wan, Jeannie Phan, Jon Lau, Mojoko and more. It’s from Singapore so good luck finding this wherever you live.

They told me last week that this piece was selected for the American Illustration 33 book!  Out of 9,720 images 384 were chosen to represent the best of 2013 Illustration.  Somehow this one made it.  Thanks judges!