Kelly a Paris

Kelly is my old time homie from when i studied at Yonsei University in Seoul in 2001-2002.  she's from cali, is crazy and fun and now i have to call her Dr.  a lot has changed in 10 years.

these first few pics happened before she came but i forgot to post them.  this is somewhere in le marais.

Cafe des 2 moulins, this is the cafe that Amelie worked at in the movie.

tents in the 18th arrondissement near Velo Vintage bike shop, i think there are people living in them but then again, they are in the middle of the street which seems like that wouldn't fly.

driving past Orly airport (a little south of paris) i was alarmed to see this sign.  wtf

near the Pantheon

These church steps are where Gil waited for the car to take him to 1920's Paris in the Woody Allen film "Midnight in Paris".  if you haven't seen it you need to before you come to paris and because its charming and Woody's best film in a long long time.

the car comes chugging up that street.

vinyl records

the marais somewhere

comics are super popular here, and art in general.  i was surprised to see this hard cover offering at a newsstand.  wonder what its all about.

picnic #1 from the sunday market near my house.  rotisserie chicken (i keep noticing how words we use are actually french), potatoes, mousse de foie, foie gras, baguette, chicken sausage, reblochon cheese, and cool looking yellow flowers of course.

on the way to Sacre Coeur, its hard to see but you can see a crap load of people up there sitting on those steps.

oh man look at that dorky artist girl sketching in her sketchbook on the street corner oh man.  just kidding, keep going girl.  i haven't seen that many people out sketching, including myself.

steps of sacre coeur

i was supposed to go home and work but it was sunny and it was sunday so i said F-it, lets go check out this bar by canal st. martin that gives out free petanque sets for you to use.  when we go there they were having a petanque tournament and we were in time for the final game.  here they're measuring the distances of the balls with a measuring tape.  petanque is aka boulles, aka bocce ball in italy.  very similar games.  you try to get your balls closest to the little starter ball.  your opponents can get closer, knock yours away, knock theirs closer, etc....

this guy was super calm and was the yin to the yang of this short guy that was all fired up and yelling everytime something went wrong.  he was crazy but in a funny way and made for good entertainment for the crowd.

the short guy didn't win so he said something crazily and slapped his face home alone style and ran and jumped in the canal.  everyone laughed and rushed over and took photos.  they pulled him out, he screamed something again and then jumped in the canal again.  it was sunday, everyone was laughing including him.  everyone went their separate ways, we went on to play an hr of petanque while drinking wine.  awesome sunday.

there he goes for his second dip.  maybe he had money riding on it.

Le Bellerive is the name of the place that gives out petanque sets.  i hear theres another one on the other side of the canal too.  this place is awesome cuz its a mix of young and old hanging out at the same place.  super laid back vide by the canal.

each person gets 3 balls.  you can tell which is yours by the number of lines or patterns on your ball.  that little neon ball is the starter ball, its called a piglet, forgot the french word for piglet.


Jardin du Luxumborg, sitting on the amazingly beautiful grassy area behind me is probably not allowed hence this sign and no one sitting over there.

are all 4 of these tunnels necessary?

picnic #2  pate de lapin (rabbit), wine, baguette, some kind of goat cheese, pate ancient, 

Champs de Mars.  i read that it's supposed to be an awesome spot for a picnic.  it is the end of the season though so the grass was a little worn out and those white tents and caution tape are ugly and its all tourists.

i saw these lights on the waiting platforms in tokyo and read they were to calm people down and prevent suicides.  

so long Klly see you in another 4 years!  maybe