Hot Upstate New York Summer

trip upstate to visit the parents

they got a bmw Z3.  it was in one of the pierce brosnan james bond movies.  golden eye maybe.

they got a lake made.  it's gonna be a while before its filled up

their newfoundlands. pretty big

selling the triumph spitfire

this john deer lawn mower/tractor setup costs way more than i would have imagined

i like how the prius tells you your gas efficiency so you can learn how to drive more efficiently.

we went to the finger lakes for wine.  this is keuka lake

we bought a bunch form keuka lake vineyard

keuka lake

the lake keeps the temperature of the vines warmer during the frosty months so the finger lakes are ideal for grape growing

we also bought a bunch from Dr. Frank Konstantin's vineyard.  

Canisteo Valley

dad fixing my suitcase handle.  it lasted all the way to paris and broke again going down the metro stairs.  I thought the cable ties would have held up.

this is really freaking me out.  I didn't know hummingbirds have human-like eyes!

Watkins Glen

like this font.  check out the A's if you don't know what i mean.

Seneca Lake

Seneca Legacy

Seneca lake is 38 miles long.  carved out by a glacier its the deepest of the fingerlakes too

salt mine.  there are salt deposits under the lake that they estimate could last the entire world for the next 500 years.

expensive lakefront homes.

we did a 3 hr dinner cruise

that's it for upstate new york.  it's back to NYC and then onto Paris