Singapore - The Lion City - Day 3

day 3 last day in singapore.

another day, another food court

seems a little unappitizing to have their logo be of a gas tank

mee soto, mee rebus and gado-gado from indonesia and malaysia

accidental chinese baller

Soursop juice time

pretty racist.  Ang Mo Kio is where the foreigners once lived, it means red hair bridge, red hairs is what they used to call the foreigners cuz i guess there were a few people with red hair instead of black hair.

Yayoi Kusama sculputures on top of Orchard Central.  it seemed like we walked through interconnecting malls for miles.

went to visit the good people at Kult, the design agency i've worked with a bunch of times before on things like that facebook project, the fear of crossing bridges piece i got a medal from the society of illustrators for, and the kid with the little flying tigers around him.  I make my best work with them because they say do whatever you want.

Raja is one of the bosses

singapore art museum.  Raja said if i have an idea for the front lawn i should submit it to them because they work with the museum and just had the other boss, Steve's melting superman made and installed a while ago.  So I should think of something!

yes it's my first time having a coconut.

chili crab and pepper crab are famous.  pretty good stuff.  I have to go with pepper crab if i was forced to.

Caeser Milan the dog whisperer was eating chili crab too

punk girl with anpanman tatoos.

bungee jumping

mist rolling out of the club we would soon be entering

kind of weirdness

thought these packages were cool.

merlion cake mold.  i'm gonna bust this out at xmas to freshen things up so their are a few merlions amongst the snowflakes, santas, reindeer, wreaths, naked baby jesus bob complete with wang, etc....


can it get anymore accidental singaporean hipster than this?  he's even wearing bracelets and two tone vans.

i missed my flight back to HK on tiger airways.  i was able to book another flight for $100 but they only took cash and i had $97 cash.  i had to go all the way over here to exchange some HK money to get $3.  steam was coming out of my ears.

back to HK.  Lesson learned slightly more this time about missing flights and getting the airport early because of the money exchange thing.  


Claudia said...

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Peter Russo said...

Good article. Just a question, do you know a website to find the Cheapest Hotels in Singapore? I find it peculiar to search the web without asking other people’s opinion.

Carol Ng said...

Hi, just do you know. Ang Mo Kio's name is debatable because the origin is legendary, no written evidence. Another saying is this place used to be a tomato farm. In Hokkien (Chinese dialect), Kio could mean bridge or tomato/egg plant kind of fruit/veggie. With the Ang Mo in front it could mean tomato as well. Though, yeah, they do prefer to explain it the way you did because that's how Caucasians are commonly called. That dates way back in history when Caucasians were a rare sight and people never knew they existed. So the only way they could describe a Caucasian was a man who looked different from Asians, having real fair skin and "red hair". It's not meant to be offensive.

The gas tank in the food stall signage is because this particular had splitter, Union, sponsored the Ecton of this signage. This is the way that the stall holder recognises Union's contribution and giving them "free advertisement".

Btw, where did you find the merlion mould?? My friend from the States is keen to get it