Singapore - The Lion City - Day 2

day 2 of singapore

view from norinas apt.

went to eat late breakfast.  there are these dining food court like things all over the place.

forget what this is called or what country its from but it was delish and seemingly healthy.

next we went to bugis village.  You have encountered Bugis before but you just didn't know it.  The Bugis are an ethnic group from Indonesia.  A lot of them sailed the seas as pirates, and pirates do some pretty rude and horrible things so they saying "beware the bugis man" came to be.  and eventually it became boogie man.

China is becoming a global problem.  there was a lamborghini fatal accident where the driver was a Chinese guy illegally here and killed a woman.  The Chinese are the ones that kind of run things here if you were to ask who runs ish.

we made our way over to arab street which has a bunch of cool shops.  muslim swimsuit for the ladies

7-11.  its hot here so i said its been 20 years since i had a slurpee lets do it.  there was this sign on the machine that that looked like a promotion to buy this mango pudding thing for 2 sing dollars more and put it into your slurpeee.  i tried it and it was just weird

found this shophouse where this woman makes Peranakan beaded stuff.  she said it takes her like 2 months to make a pair of these slippers.  the place is called "Little Shophouse"  43 Bussorah Street (next to Arab St. - Near Sultan Mosque) Singapore 199461

i especially thought this peranakan beaded head thing was pretty fly and a girl wearing this would stop people on the street.  all this stuff is pretty expensive though.

chicken rice from singapore is famous

i passed by but just had to go back for this shot.  how lucky.  The past, present and the future in the same room at the same time.  yea kid i would be pretty sad/annoyed if i saw my future a few tables down from me, and it doesn't look bright.  and yea guy i would be pretty sad/annoyed if i saw my dumba$$ past self becoming the dumba$$ present me.

we kept seeing figures of this fat bellied guy around the temples of little india.  he reminded us a an indian Danny Mcbride (from east bound and down).  what's the deal with this guy?

can you imagine how sons of the members of the Dried Good Guild feel?  they probably think they are hot sh!t because they are automatic members of the Dried Goods Guild for life.  They are basically set with pun tang for life.

we bought this for mike so he would take it but there ended up not being dried up disgusto creepy crawlers in there and it was just some pills.

bought these oils cuz the tins were cool and the oils might do something useful too who knows.

Ghostbuster.  i guess its a legit ghostbusting business.

Laksa from Katong Laksa is famous and tasty.

the guy below is making Prata.  Mine is being made with egg and cheese.

the drink is a Milo Dinosaur.  thats what they call these drinks where they sprinkle Milo or Horlick or other stuff on top.  it's my first time having Milo, but it's made by nestle or something but i've never seen anyone in the US drinking Milo or Horlicks, just stuff like nesquick.  anyway it's sugary and good and so is prata so boom.